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Talent Team  

Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd has 5602 employees, including all kinds of managerial and professional technicians 3896 persons.

Terms of academic qualifications: it has 29 postgraduate students, 1528 college students, 1622 junior college students and 385 secondary students. Terms of professional title: 2747 of them have more than elementary professional technical title, including 39 senior professional technicians, 849 high professional technicians, 974 middle professional technicians and 885 junior professional technicians.

Terms of certificate: 212 First-class Registered Construction Engineers , 68 Second-class Registered Construction Engineers, 8 Registered Cost Engineers, 37 Registered Safety Engineers, 448 staffs holding Highway Engineering Test Personnel Qualification Certificates, 457 staffs holding Highway Engineering Cost Class-A certificates and 770 staffs holding all kinds of Construction Enterprises Professional Management Certificates.

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