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Technological Achievements   Technology Updates  

In recent years, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd always adhering to  “technology flourishes the company” “talents consolidates the company” constantly accelerate the construction of research & development platform, development and introduction of advanced techniques, transformation and upgrading of traditional construction technology and improve the technological content of the enterprise, plan an orderly way in terms of science and technology talents development, perfect the science and technology innovation system and make efforts to break through the key technologies which restrict the development of the enterprise to constantly cultivate and enhance the enterprise independent innovative ability and competitive power of science and technology and seize market dominant heights, make use of support and leading role of science and technology that ensure implementation of company development strategy and realization of the goal.

In April 2008,The LONGJAIN set up Research & Development Center, Engineering Technology Department concurrently in charge of the Center. The Research & Development Center was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center in May 2008.And in December 2015,the center independently executed their functions , separating from the Engineering Technology Department. Gradually the Enterprise has regarded Research &Development Center as the center and supported by various branch company researching and developing personnel. The enterprise creates state-level enterprise technology research and development center on the basis of project department technical personnel and complementary development system to research and development of social resources.

In recent years, the company's scientific and technological achievements are as follows:

1.Patents:12items of invention patents,102 items of utility model patents.

2.Construction Method:10 articles of State-level method,108 articles of Provincial method ,a set of Enterprise-class method compilation (242 pieces)

3.Research & development Achievement: 48 items

4.Achievements and Awards: six rewards for innovation of science and technology achievement awards, an item of award for science and technology advancement, award for new technology application demonstration, 10 awards for new technology application and innovation company, and more other honors.

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