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Heilongjiang Provincial Highway & Bridge Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., was founded in 1985, formerly subordinated to Department of Transportation of Heilongjiang Province , and now is subordinated to Longjian Road& Bridge Co., Ltd as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Heilongjiang Provincial Highway & Bridge Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., is the member unit of China Association for Highway Prospect and Design and it’s also the council unit of Survey and Design Association of Heilongjiang. The company mainly undertakes survey and design of all grades of highways and bridges as well as highway engineering consulting works. Meanwhile, it also undertakes general contracting, project management and the relevant technological management services of high-grade highway and bridge engineering construction. Recently, the company has participated in many projects of completing survey and design, for instance, Huiwu Highway from Songyuan to Shitoujingzi Section, Hangrui Highway from Sinan to Zunyi section, East Entrance Section of Beian on Suibei Highway, Heda Highway from Hegang to Nanfengjing section, Suijia Highway from Suibin to Mingshan Section, National Road Tongha Highway from Fangyi Boundary to Fangbin Boundary, Tonghe Passing Section of Hazhao Highway , Hulin Passing Section of Fanghu Highway, Wangkui Passing Section of Suian Highway, Gongtie Overpass in Hegang, Mudanjiang Bridge in Wenchun, Jinshuang Bridge in Suihua, etc. The company accumulatively completed about 2000 km above Grade 2 (include) highway survey and design, about 5000m extension of major bridges, medium bridges as well as small bridges. Excellence rate of design quality is above 98%. And the company has good brand reputation and corporate image both inside and outside the province. 

The company has 56 technological professionals, 32 staffs with the senior professional titles, 213 sets of advanced survey & design equipments, having survey and design soft wares such as CAD, Hint CAD, Dr. Bridge, QLT CAD ,Tongwang, Midas. The drawing rate of computer plotting is up to 100%.

Heilongjiang Provincial Highway & Bridge Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. will continuously inherit corporate spirits of profession, particularity, perfection and service. We look forward to creating bright future with friends from all works of life.

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