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Financing Capacity   Successful Cases  

Since 2015, Longjian has actively been exploring new operation model, cultivating new business increasing point, extending industry chain to its upstream and has innovatively proposed 3+2+2 Development Strategy. Especially Longjian increased investment in the capital operation and investment & financing business, and took the opportunity of Public-Private- Partnership (PPP model) which is vigorously implemented by China to set up Investment & Financing Business Department and PPP Center. Meanwhile, Longjian invited some famous experts to hold training courses of PPP projects with the purpose of analyzing, researching as well as exploring PPP model. Longjian will participate in various fields of PPP projects from multiple perspectives for taking an advantage position in PPP projects development by investments to expand output value, to pull production for increasing profits, and to carry out transformation and upgrading.

Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd is one of most powerful and best organized large-scale comprehensive construction groups in the northeast China, which is mainly engaged in the constructions for domestic and international road, bridge, municipal engineering and new investment fields including hydraulic engineering, industrial parks, ecological agriculture, ecotourism, Internet of Things technology, utility tunnels, renewable energies and new-type urbanization, etc. 

Investment & Financing Business Department positively seeks cooperation in roads, municipal engineering, new urbanization and other infrastructure fields with each city.  Investment & Financing Business Department has won many PPP projects, for instance, Suining Hedong New District Haimian Urban Construction Wucaibinfen Beilu Landscape-belt PPP Project , Provincial Road Changne Road from Erlongshan Farm to Wudalianchi Section Reconstruction and Extension Project.

Currently, the company has won and cultivated more PPP projects, at the same time, the amount of investment has gradually increased. Investment & Financing Business Department has made cooperation, exchange and discussion with financial institutions in time, including Agricultural Development Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other in all twenty banks. Also, Longjian has maintained a good cooperative relationship with insurance companies, trust and fund institutions.

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