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2016 Experiences Exchange of the New Urbanization(Shangzhi) Successfully Convened


From October 15 to October 16 in 2016,sponsored by Urban Development and Reform Center in NDRC and jointly by Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. and People’s Government of Shangzhi to undertake the Experiences Exchange of the new urbanization(Shangzhi) was held in Yimianpo town of Shangzhi City.     

North country in late autumn, a thousand hills crimsoned, forests all tinged. From 11 ministries and commissions of the State Council and leaders and experts from Heilongjiang Province and the city of Harbin and Shangzhi gathered at Red Education Conference Hall of Harbin Railway Bureau in Yimianpo Town. During the meeting, all attendees had a remarkable interchange around that Green Economy leads new urbanization to help revitalization of the northeast China.

The attendees present in the conference are the director of Heilongjiang Construction Group Co.,Ltd, Mr.Shi Tieqiao , the General Manager Assistant of Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd and the Chairman of Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd, Mr.Shang Yunlong , and other leaders from LONGJIAN departments and LONGJIAN branch companies.

The deputy director of Urban Development and Reform Center in NDRC Mr.Qiao Runling, the deputy secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Government, Mr. Zhao Wanshan and the secretary of Shangzhi Municipal Committee addressed successively to show the congratulations on the convening of the conference and the expression of thanks for the host-Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd.

On behalf of the Construction Group Co., Ltd, Mr. Shang Yunlong delivered a keynote speech entitled "Conforming to the Development Trend, Integrating Advantageous Resources, Accelerating Transformation and Upgrading, Helping the New Urbanization Construction". First from the enterprise perspective, Mr. Shang Yunlong analyzed the difficulties of Heilongjiang province economic and social development as well as the important significance of the new urbanization to promote Heilongjiang province economic and social development. Mr. Shang Yunlong comprehensively analyzed the advantages of Heilongjiang Construction Group as a state-owned capital investment, operation and management of large-scale modern enterprise groups, which has advantages of involving in urbanization including: qualification, brand, scale, geography, financing, technology, promotion of labor employment and more. And then, in the light of the current situation of infrastructure construction, Comrade Mr. Shang Yunlong expounded the importance of strengthening the cooperation between government and social capital, adopting PPP mode of operation and promoting the urbanization construction, and introduced the achievements and accumulated experiences of the Construction Group in PPP operation. At last, Combined with the new urban construction planning of Heilongjiang province, Mr.Shang Yunlong introduced the overall planning and work objectives of Heilongjiang Construction Group in the new urbanization, and indicated that Construction Group would actively promote the "urban - rural planning, urban and rural integration, production cities interaction, economical and intensive utilization and ecological and livable town” as the basic characteristics to build a new type of town with green, wisdom, ecology and humanity to highlight social responsibility and help revitalization of Heilongjiang Province. Participating experts and scholars expressed their agreement on the ideas, views and plans formulated by Mr.Shang Yunlong’s speech, and expressed confidence that Heilongjiang Construction Group Co.,Ltd represented the large state-owned enterprises will play a role in promoting the new urbanization construction.

At the meeting, leaders of National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Tourism Administration, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, General Administration of Sports, China Development Bank, Agricultural Development Bank of China and the authoritative experts in new urbanization research field held four thematic dialogues on the theme of new urbanization with industrial upgrading, rural integration of three industries(primary secondary and tertiary), the innovation of investment and financing and ecological civilization construction. And they summed up the exchange of experience in new urbanization practices, and identify the next step in the development of new urbanization.

LONGJIAN’S participants listened with rapt attention to make notes and make efforts to learn from experts and scholars’ theory essence to guide their works. Through explaining, participants further understand the importance of new urbanization construction for economic and social development in Heilongjiang province, further understand the policies and regulations and improve the knowledge system, further defined opportunities and challenges from new urbanization, further strengthened positive determination on the new type of urbanization. It is the great significance to promote the company striding into the new urbanization construction.

It’s second to none to undertake meetings that the high-level specification of the meeting , the scale of the meeting as mush as experts and scholars, the in-depth research of the problem in recent years . LONGJIAN have made outstanding contributions to the success of this meeting. Some departments in LONGJIAN Such as Investment& Financing Business Department, Office and Party Committee Affairs Departments and other departments do a lot of detailed work for the meeting and accumulated valuable experience for similar works.

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