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Longjian Road &Bridge Co., Ltd and Road& Bridge Group Held the First Three Quarters of 2016 Economic Operation of the Meeting


Learn from the past, keep feet on the moment and focus on future. On October 13 2016,the first three quarters of economic operation work conference at eighth floor conference room in Longjian Road&Bridge Co.,Ltd. The main leaderships from Longjian Road &Bridge Co.,Ltd and Road &Bridge Group, the heads of department and all units with leadership of Party attended the meeting. The Party Secretary and the Chairman of Longjian Road&Bridge Co., Ltd Mr.Shang Yunlong and the Chairman and General manager Mr.Sun Guochen of Road and Bridge Group attended and addressed the meeting. The General Manager of Longjian Road &Bridge Co.,Ltd Mr. Tian Yulong presided over the meeting and gave a talk.


The compiling work of the Journal of company has won the phased achievements

First, all participants heard the progress and the overall reporting of compiling of the Journal of Company  from Editorial Office and the planning of next step work arrangements, and gave a overall introduction of more than 20 years from Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Transport in 1958 to Heilongjiang Road & Bridge Co. in 1984 After the briefing ,Mr.Shang Yunlong on behalf of the company leadership team affirmed the results of the preliminary work about the Journal of Company, expressed gratitude to Chefeng, Zhang Shiying, Chen Chao and other senior leaders, and put forward a specific proposal about the work of codification to ensure quality, speed up the progress and content to expand the specific views in the next step.

The summary of each units is detailed and accurate, and the working methods are scientific and reasonable. At the meeting, each unit from Longjian and Road & Bridge Group do the "first three quarters of economic performance" report. All units made detailed reports on market development, construction and production, cost control, financial statistics, party building, current problems and next steps planning. In the first three quarters of this year, the Company vigorously implemented the “go globally” strategy and optimized the management layout. The contribution rate of foreign and domestic markets increased rapidly; the company vigorously implement the diversified strategy and develop hedging business, and has a powerful pace to industrial optimization and upgrading. The company vigorously implements the brand strategy and quality engineering, and promotes projects under construction steadily The company vigorously implements innovation-driven strategy and reinforces the foundation management. The company vigorously implements the people's livelihood security strategy and enriches the corporate culture to improve the soft power of enterprise development.

The leaders have a definite object in view as one who shoots the arrow at the target and simplify the meaning. The development prospect of company is bright and steady.

Mr.Sun Guochen said in his speech that our company has made remarkable achievements, especially the market development results are very gratifying in the first three quarters of this year and laid a solid foundation to achieve the annual target. Mr.Sun Guochen stressed that Guangtong company owned by Road&Bridge Group should properly solve the current problems and Guangjian Company, Dingchang Company and supervision companies should seize the current favorable opportunities and actively carry out their works to ensure the completion of the annual task.

Mr.Tian Yulong said in his speech that the conference was very successful and achieved the desired results. The company and all subsidiaries had completed the basic objectives of the phased work in the first three quarters. LongJian Road&Bridge Co., Ltd are sure of completion of the annual market development goals issued by the Construction Group Co., Ltd . For the next step, Mr.Tian Yulong stressed that all subsidiaries should keep an eye on the target market, spare no effort to do a good job in business and consolidate market development results.  Mr .Tian Yulong also has stressed that attach a great importance to investment and financing work, and actively do PPP project operation. Then, having stressed that build quality engineering through the "Longjian Brand" and cultivating new markets. Also, to make full use of the Internet + to achieve management and to vigorously implement the livelihood security strategy, and actively promote the construction of enterprise culture. Mr.Tian Yulong also stressed on the scientific deployment of winter construction, winter preparation and winter training. To strengthen safety in production management and eliminate hidden dangers. To do a good job of enrollment and training work and improve the personnel structure system. To do a good job of clearing debts and replacing business tax with value-added tax and more. In the better situation, still vigorously advocate economy with saving every paper, every electricity and every penny while improving office efficiency. To continue to take the advantages of publicity and improve the construction of public opinion positions.

Mr. Shang Yunlong said in his speech that the achievements of the first three quarters were hard won and the existing problems of all units should be solved as soon as possible. Development prospect of our company is bright. For the next work, Mr. Shang Yunlong emphasized consolidating construction achievements of the corporate brand. Internal Quality Supervision Department should be led by Enterprise Management Department and Internal experts team should be led by Chief Engineering Office with the purpose of actively completing quality and technology management. Our company shall firmly avoids“formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance”and eliminates waste. At the turn of the year, all units shall organize recreational activities, improve staff’s treatment and increase happiness index.

This meeting overall has summarized achievements and shortcomings of the first three quarters work obtained by Longjian and Road & Bridge Group and it also has arranged the fourth-quarter work which has significance on successfully completing annual work assignments. The company called on all staff seriously implementing the spirit of the meeting, agglomerating mental efforts, walking hand in hand and obtaining full victory of the thirteenth Five-Year Plan.

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