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LONGJIAN Exhibition Attached Much Attention in the Third China-Russia Exposition. Vice-Premier of the State Council Wang Yang, Vice-Premier of Russia Rogozin, Governor of Heilongjiang Province and Other Leaders Visited


In the morning of July 11th local time, the third China-Russia Exposition was held in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The four-day exposition has attracted 200 Chinese companies from Heilongjiang, Beijing, Jilin and other places to participate in. It successfully ended in July 14th local time. The atmosphere & novel design style, remarkable achievements of LONGJIAN as well as its honors have attracted highly attention from domestic and international guests, meanwhile, we received public praise and won more business cooperation opportunities. The organizing committee of the third China-Russia Exposition spoke highly of LONGJIAN and issued outstanding contribution award to enterprises respectively. LOGNJIAN achieved a huge success in this exhibition.

LONGJIAN’s exhibition area was located in the second stadium No. A083-090. On Exhibition wall having introduced company profile, main project achievements and domestic& international honors. Sandbox as well as models mainly have represented road and bridge engineering constructed over the years and also concisely and visually displayed basic information of project. The arrangement of the whole exhibition has reflected its powerful, innovative, honest and responsible enterprise spirit. Besides, we have embodied the advantages as well as strong vitality of LONGJIAN staff to the governments and enterprises of two countries through this exhibition.

In the first day of Exhibition, LONGJIAN exhibition area has caught highly attentions from national ministries, provincial and municipal leaders. Accompanied by LONGJIAN Chairman – Mr. Shang Yunlong, Vice Premier-Wang Yang, Vice Premier of Russia – Rogozin , Governor of Heilongjiang Province - Lu Hao, Major of Harbin - Song Xibin, Ministry of Commerce of Chinese Department of Eurasian Affairs -Bai Fan, Commercial Counselor - Zhang Di of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Ministry of Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade & Secretary-General of the third China-Russia Exposition Committee - E Zhongqi and other leaders visited LONGJIAN Exhibition stand, inquiring and instructing with interest.

In the exhibition, CCTV News has reported our company’s exhibition. HLJTV program staff has interviewed Chairman Mr. Shang Yunlong and propagandized the enterprise. Sverdlovsk Texas Television Station Channel 41 also has interviewed Manager of International Engineering Department –Mr. Liu Shujun and has played in the local country.

During the exhibition, LONGJIAN leaders held framework cooperative talks with the General Manager of Russian Kamchatka Primorsky Territory General Corporation and leaders of Russian Natural Gas Automatic Transportation Company in order to strengthen China’s infrastructure investment to Russia and further promoted in-depth cooperation of two countries. Corporate strength of LONGJIAN was fully approved by Russian government and its enterprises. Also, they said the next step was actively seeking opportunities of all-around cooperation in various areas.

After the exhibition, Chairman Mr. Shang Yunlong pointed out that the brand influence and popularity of the company was expanded through the exhibition, meanwhile, local government has had deep cognition of LONGJIAN and laid a good foundation of enlarging market shares under the premises of continuously holding financial projects of provincial government through communication and cooperation with all departments of the province. In the other aspect, the spirit of LONGJIAN revivified and employees’ morale increased on the basis of expanding main business and  successfully provided tailwind in the field of investment, financing, e-commerce and clean energy which were reported by mainstream media for instance, Province & Russian Television Station.

This exhibition has set up a favorable platform for building company brand, manifesting corporate power, expanding corporate influence and playing a good pushing role in continuously implementing “ Going Out Strategy”. Particularly, the promotion of “Longjiang Silk Road Economic Belt” and China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor” have had profound significance for our company in making better use of advantages, actively conducting cooperation with Russia and driving economic development of Longjiang area.

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Since 2014, China-Russia Exposition had been successfully held twice in Harbin. The exposition grew out of Harbin International Trade Meeting which had already been held more than 20 times. It already been an international meeting in deepening pragmatic cooperation and all-round communication in the field of politics, economics and trade, technology and humanity. During the exposition, more than 10 important business activities were held involving the field of trade, investment, tourism, resource development and e-commerce for the sake of strengthening the communication between local governments and enterprises of two countries as well as building an important platform of carrying out projects.

After the establishment of Exposition, it’s held in Russian territory for the first time. About 2000 people of Heilongjiang province participated in the exposition involving 13 cities &19 Provincial Bureaus, Ministry of Commerce, China federation of Industry and Commerce, Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, General Customs Administration, Ministry of Land and Resources, the Central Commission of China Communist Youth League, the People’s Government of Jilin Province, etc. 15 Ministries & Commissions and about 50 local units as well as departments attended the meeting,. The third China-Russia Exposition was the most popular and the largest number of participants in the history.

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