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LONGJIAN Opening a New Chapter of Cooperation Between College and Enterprise: Heilongjiang Institute of Engineering--LONGJIAN International Engineering Management Faculty Set Up


On May 12,2016, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Heilongjiang Institute of Engineering that established Heilongjiang Institute of Engineering--LONGJIAN International Engineering Management Faculty in conference hall of  Heilongjiang Institute of Engineering. The Chairman and Party Secretary Mr.Shang Yunlong delivered a speech at the conference. General Manager Mr. Tian Yulong , Chief Engineer Mr.Chen Yanjun ,General Manager Assistant Mr. He Rongjiu and relevant directors of Divisions attended the conference. 

Chairman Mr. Shang Yunlong on behalf of the company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Principal Mr. Zhang Hongtian of Heilongjiang Institute of Engineering. General Manager Mr. Tian Yulong signed to build International Engineering Management Faculty cooperation agreement with Vice Principal Mr.Ye Shujiang. At this point, the company has taken a substantial step of innovation in human resources management and opened a new chapter of college-enterprise joint !

Longjian Road &Bridge Co., Ltd. and the Heilongjiang Institution of Engineering have gone through thick and thin, and made a concerted efforts and mutual cooperation for 50 years cooperation. In recent years, the Heilongjiang Institution of Engineering has gradually become the base for employees to enhance knowledge and skills; the company has gradually become the battlefield for science and technology applications and transformation. Every year a large number of employees come to institute to receive professional knowledge training. Meanwhile, company received hundreds of internships from Heilongjiang Institution of Engineering. Both sides have a deep foundation for cooperation in many aspects, such as creating educational institutions, conducting technical research and development, and holding scientific and technological events.

During The thirteen Five-Year Plan period, the state will further optimize the pattern of regional development that build "one belt one road" in-depth and implement a new round of revitalization of northeast old industrial base strategy. Our province will also accelerate the construction of "Longjiang Silk Road" and transport infrastructure is now in the ascendant. In the next five years, the company will adjust the ratio to 4: 3: 3 among the provincial, domestic and overseas markets , further intensify the efforts to develop overseas market. Now Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. has been took a solid pace to Kuwait, Pakistan, Russia markets. Due to the National macro-strategy and enterprise development planning, the company's talent structure and technical capacity is needed to put forward higher requirements with a group of outstanding talents, especially international engineering management professionals to enrich the company. 


One man is hardly to raise things up, but many people walk together, they would walk fast. We firmly believe that with the LongJian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Heilongjiang Institute of Engineering signing a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement and establishment of Longjian International Engineering Management Faculty, the two sides will be able to create collaborative innovation, cooperation and win-win situation. The company will be even better tomorrow.

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