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From 1986 to 2016, “Eight Hundred Million Project”-- Gift for 30th Anniversary of LONGJIAN Accessing to Bangladesh Market


In 1986, LONGJIAN set foot on Bangladesh for the first time and contracted China-Bangladesh Friendship Bridge by a generation of LONGJIAN staff who sweated on this foreign land. Afterwards, this bridge witnessed the friendship between China and Bangladesh. On March 20th, 2016, LONGJIAN obtained bid-winning notice of Bangladesh Paira Bridge Project. The bid price of the project was 10,022,225,000 Taka (about RMB 813,700,000) according to exchange rate of the issuing date of bid-winning notice.

For almost 30 years, Eight Hundred Million project promotes LONGJIAN accessing to Bangladesh construction market to write a new overseas chapter. Bangladesh, we are coming!

The total length of the route is 1988.56m including 1470m-long Lebukhali bridge construction above Paira river, approach and river bank protective engineering in 26th kilometer of Barisal-Patu road, tollbooth, computer charging system, electromechanical project and its ancillary works.

The form of main bridge is low pylon cable-stayed bridge, the  superstructure is 115m+2*200m+115m prestressed concrete continuous box girder, with variable cross-sections (except0# piece and 1# piece and closure section are cast-in box girder and rest are cantilever-assembling box girder). Bridge deck is 162.5px bituminous concrete. Substructure is high-pile cap. Foundation of reinforced concrete soil column pier is 3.5-diameter bored pile. Viaduct supporting span uses 2.5m/1.5m circular column. The total length of approach is about 0.50km and the width of pavement is 22.8m including 1.8m hardened verge as well as middle strip.

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