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Mr. Tian Yulong General Manager of Longjian Road & Bridge Co., LTD. with his staff made a deep market research in Bangladesh and achieved preliminary achievements


Recently, Longjian General Manager Mr. Tian Yulong as the director of the company made a deep market research in Bangladesh collecting & sorting local market information, seeking the opportunity of market development, exploring cooperative model and providing the evidence of investment decision of Heilongjiang Province Construction Group.   

Research group visited and negotiated with Gini Otter Company, China Construction Engineering Corporation, China Southern Airlines, China Road and Bridge Corporation , China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation and CCC Xi An Road Construction Equipment Corporation. Besides, research group also visited Mr. Li Shaotong Counselor from Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for having sufficient and detailed understanding of important & difficult points of economical and political situation, construction market as well as commercial activities of Chinese companies in Bangladesh. 

Afterwards, research group was fearless of dangers and difficulties and went deep into Peshawar, KP province, only 40 miles to Afghanistan which had relatively complex political situation. Researchers held talks with director of anti-corruption bureau, executive of Energy of NDRC and governor of KP province. We thoroughly understood the real condition of Chinese Construction Enterprises in Pakistan from its local officials and then drew investigation conclusion corresponding to the reality.

After the investigation, as to Bangladesh market development works, five suggestions were put forward by research group to Construction Group. Firstly, The Construction Group should continue to track project information of Bangladesh market and appoint researchers in charge of this job to form working mechanism of periodic report. Secondly, it’s suggested that Construction Group cooperating with Bangladesh uses state-owned companies’ experiences for reference to enter into local market. Through accumulated long days’ market trials and practices, we should lay a good foundation proceeding with double-excellent loans and PPP modes to individually enter into Bangladesh market .Thirdly, as to road and bridge construction, we should closely connect with state-owned companies to make solid foundation for sub-contracting of Raqqa Highway Project. Fourthly, as to water resource and hydroelectric engineering, we should closely connect with state-owned companies  in Pakistanto make solid foundation for labor subcontracting and 15 hydropower projects in KP province for Bangladesh to be constructed should be considered as developing key points. Fifthly, conforming to “One Belt One Road Strategy” as well as “ Going Out Strategy”, we should strengthen market researching and steadily open the international market.

On January 16th, 2016, Liu Shujun- Minister of International Engineering Department of Longjian Road &Bridge Co., Ltd- was authorized by Longjian to sign the consortium agreement with the manager of Hasas company at 17 p.m. in Bangladesh. The cooperative ways of developing projects in Bangladesh and the content of provisions were stipulated by this consortium agreement.

The successful completion of this research activities and the signing of The Consortium Agreement had a great realistic and profoundly historic significance in “ Going Out ” strategic pattern for Longjian Road and Bridge and even for Heilongjiang Construction Group.

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