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Innovative Development and Creating the future——R & D Center Deepen in Fuyuan County to Check the Techniques of Thermal Regeneration


        From the establishment of R & D Center, which responds to the call “Science and Technology Leading the Future” of Joint-stock Company, and with the Joint-stock company’s spreading the “3+2+2”development strategy, R & D Center abides by the principle of “development oriented, science advanced ” and always puts the “technology” as the first productive force, which is used to arm the company, the department of R & D Center wholly is positively carrying out the project research, continually storing the technologies and preparing for company’s transformation and upgrading. 

        3rd Aug. Director of R & D Center Mr. Liang Xuyuan came to Thermal Regeneration project in Fuyuan County to guide the construction technologies and give a definite development direction of thermal regeneration of asphalt mixtures.

        Nongfu Road Extension Project (Fuyuan Border Crossing Section Wharf Branch Maintenance )the whole road length is 2.985km, Wharf Branch is 0.963km.Yingbin Line Main Road design speed is 60km/h , The width is 24.0m. carriageway is 2×3.5m+4×3.75m, medial strip is 2.0m,left marginal strip is 2×0.5m,right marginal strip is 2×0.5m.

Zhengyan Road design speed is 60km/h, the road length is 20.0m,carriageway is 4×3.5m, non-motorized vehicle lane is 2×2.5m,medial strip double amber lines is  0.5m,right medial strip is 2×2.5m. geothermy regeneration quantities is 94127m2,; modified AC-13 asphalt concrete quantities is 98253m2 .

        This project is constructed by Heilongjiang Long Jie Municipal Rail Transport Engineering Co., Ltd. and use the thermal regeneration equipment granted for National 863 Researching Project researched and developed by Senyuan Company , the thermal regeneration equipment is made five parts: three sets of heating machines ,one heating milling , one heating remixer, the paver and a series of compacting equipment.

        The main construction technologies are as follows:

        (1)heating machine 

        The interval of each heating machine is 1 m. to adjust heating width wider than two sides of regeneration road 10-500px. The heating temperature of surface course is as follows:1#heating machine to 120℃-130℃,2## heating machine to 140℃-150℃,3# heating machine to 160-180℃,the extreme weather is not lower than 120℃. When heating , guarantee the regeneration road surface up to 80℃, pay attention to the heating maximum temperature to prevent the asphalt twice aging. 

        (2)heating and scarifying of pavement adding regenerant and asphalt 

        After heating pavement, heating milling machine is based on designed width and depth to mill and scarifying admissible error of depth of milling and scarifying should be controlled in 5mm. The depth of milling and scarifying of the project should be 3-100px, regenerant is produced by Jilin Shuangcheng Technology Co.,LTD, as well as adding the new asphalt (90# matrix asphalt).

        (3)New and Old Materials Remixing

        On Asphalt pavement heating remixer following closely heating milling machine, continuously finish the adding of the new asphalt mixing materials and process for paving, churning, charging, aggregating, loading, whipping and unloading. specially-assigned person is responsible for adding new materials at the two sides of receiving hopper of the remixing machine, when the new materials are added at the end, the labour makes the rest of the mixing materials into the new materials transport.


        The mixing materials with regeneration remixing, paver is paving basis on the cross slope of pavement design. The paver and the remixing machine keep the same speed to operate.    

        (5)Rolling compaction

        Thermal regeneration technology was introduced into our province in 2013, and the standard for rolling compaction was not fulfilled in cold area. In the guide and  conduct of the director Mr. Liang Xuyuan of R & D Center, Heilongjiang Long Jie Municipal Rail Transport Engineering Co., Ltd. constructs scientifically and technologically and primarily determine proper the rolling compaction pattern which is fit for the cold area. In the next construction, Heilongjiang Long Jie Municipal Rail Transport Engineering Co., Ltd continually analyzes the rolling compaction data, summarizes the rolling compaction effects as adjusting the mix proportion of the construction, to search the best construction results. In this process we could provide the relevant data and guide the construction and elevate the construction efficiency in the future construction. 

  When Our company carries out the thermal regeneration project of asphalt mixtures in Fuyuan County we also discuss with the experts in the colleges and universities about the critical technologies of thermal regeneration applied in the Alpine region in our province. This project has invited Peifeng professor who is the vice president of Department of Civil Engineering of Northeast Forestry University to guide on site. This project provides a good platform for cooperation of enterprise and university between Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. and Department of Civil Engineering of Northeast Forestry University and opens a good chance for each other’s communication.

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