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The implementation of the "Dragon Plan " to improve the overall quality of the employees---Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. held a Comprehensive Engineering Management Knowledge Contest


From January 23th 2018 to 24th 2018, the “Comprehensive Engineering Management Contest” successfully held by Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. The Party committee secretary and chairman Shang Yunlong, the chairman of the union Li Guiqing, the deputy general manager Shan Zhili, chief engineer Chen Yanjun came to the competition site, and more than 270 audience from various companies and departments watched the competition in the field.

The “Comprehensive Engineering Management Contest” was jointly organized by the labor union, human resources department and engineering department. This competition is not only a part of the “ Dragon Plan” of personnel training section, but also a test for the comprehensive series of business training in mid January. This contest is aim to improve the comprehensive quality, innovation consciousness, moral quality, business ability and management skills of the talent team.

Before the final, the deputy general manager of the company, comrade Dan Zhili, made a passionate speech. Manager Shan pointed out that in 2017 the company management work reached to a new level, "the daily management standards of construction project management, specialization, refinement, management information and management of materials and equipment intensive management concepts “ have been fully upgraded, a number of skilled and skilled engineers have emerged. The "project management comprehensive knowledge contest is a continuation of the “Dragon plan company training ”. Finally, manager Shan wish the players to achieve better results in the final and wish this competition a complete success!

There were 12 companies participated in the competition, eventually Long Jian 6th Company won the companionship; Long Jian 6th Company and Long Jian Municipal Company got the second place; Long Jian 4th Company, Yi Ha Company and Shang Jie Company got the third place. Employees has been enriched the knowledge and expressed themselves through the competition. The players compete with each other and learn from each other, achieving the purpose of promoting learning and improving together, showing the positive mental outlook of the company's employees and promoting a solid step towards the "Dragon Program".

After the competition, Chairman Shang Yunlong made an important speech. He pointed out that in recent years, managers at all levels of the company paid great attention to the training of cadres and workers, which is the only way for the company to create a new development situation. Facing the new situation and new tasks, the company always calls on everyone to strengthen learning, changing ideas and innovative thinking, and every learning craze can push the company's work to achieve new development and progress.

He stressed that managers at all levels and relevant departments should promote multi-level training and education according to the different levels of staff capacity requirements and characteristics of different job classification. Furthermore, adhere to the " Focus on cultivating excellent talents, cultivating excellent talents with priority, cultivating rare talents with extra efforts”. Focus on improving the leadership mechanism of personnel training, actively innovative talent work system, vigorously create talent fast growth environment to let them express themselves. Through a multi-faceted, multi-level and multi form education and training to cultivate a group that have good political qualities and skills to master the technical knowledge that can be qualified leaders. Furthermore, these leaders can be example for other talents to create a great talent team with sufficient members, qualified skills and perfect structure. In order to provide a strong talent guarantee for the development of the company, a good situation of rapid growth and competitive emergence is formed as we mentioned.

Last but not least, the chairman Shang Yunlong wish employees and managers at all levels treat this training as a new starting point, a new power impetus with greater enthusiasm and more solid style to make new and greater contribution to promoting the development of different departments and branches!

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