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General manager Tian Yulong attended the closing ceremony of "Longjian Cup" the first national college students "Mao Yisheng Public Benefit Bridge- Small Bridge Project" innovation design contest and delivered a speech.


On December 10th, the 3-day "Longjian Cup" First national college students "Mao Yisheng Public Benefit Bridge - Small Bridge Project" innovation design contest brought down the curtain in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. The contest organized by the organ party committee directly under the Ministry of Transport, Mao Yisheng Technology Education Foundation and Harbin Institute of Technology hosted, sponsored by Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd. A total of 22 universities including Tsinghua University and Tongji University participated in this event. Safety director of the Ministry of Transport Cheng Ping presented a flag to the next contest organizer Nantong University.

The general manager of Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd. Tian Yulong attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. First of all, he represented the sponsor unit of this contest- Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. to congratulate the winning units and players warmly. He paid high tribute to all academicians, experts and scholars of competition expert review committee and organizing committee. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders, experts, comrades and friends who focus on Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd!

Comrade Tian Yulong pointed out that Longjian is a large state-owned holding listed company. It is also the leading enterprise of Heilongjiang Province road and bridge construction industry. Meanwhile, it is national transportation top 100 enterprises. The company has special class certificate for general contracting to undertake all kinds of highway and bridge construction mission.

Sponsoring the contest was a big event for Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd in 2017. The reputation of Longjian has been spread on a larger and deeper scale through the contest. This competition is a very high level competition with fruitful achievement. It play an important role on realizing the effective integration of college youth talent cultivation and traffic precision poverty alleviation, and cultivating the ideal, capable and responsible transportation youth talent.

Tian Yulong pointed out that “It is important to have the team work spirit.Learning how work together is important to us.The cooperation is the key point to the success.”. In the future, Longjian expect to be supported by the department of industry, guided by more specialists, collaborating with more research institutes, building a bridge of win-win cooperation; a bridge of technological innovation; a bridge of talent cultivation.

In 2016, the labor union directly under the Ministry of Transport initiated the "Traffic Development is associated with everyone - Small Bridge Project Love Helping Poverty Alleviation Activities" jointly with Mao Yisheng Science and Education Foundation. Plan to build 100 small bridges within five years, through "all creation, all support, all help" to realize the effective connection between social public welfare resources and traffic precision poverty alleviation. Construct transportation industry "Hope Project", and create a social atmosphere that connects everyone.

During the activity, more than 300 students from participating universities visited impoverished mountainous areas in 13 provinces including Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province. They learned, inherited and practiced the patriotism, scientific spirit, dedication and dedication of the elders of the traffic workers such as Mao Yisheng. They designed a bridge for children in poor mountain areas go to school, lifting them out of poverty. There are 49 teams in this contest, submitted the electronic version of the materials, report PPT, sand table and display roll up banner, etc. Contest finals using a public defense form, selected the first, second and third prizes and winners.

During the competition, Harbin Institute of Technology carried out an academician report, participating students exchange meeting, and organized a visit to the History Museum. College of traffic and engineering also set up a "Mao Yisheng class".

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