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Comrade Shang Yunlong Presiding 2017 Annual Meeting of China Highway Academy Youth Expert Committee and Youth Forum for National Highway Technology


The thrived youth leads to the thriving industry , the strong youth leads to the strong industry. On Nov. 18th China Highway Academy Youth Expert Committee convened the 2017 annual meeting and Youth Forum for National Highway Technology in Heihe City of Heilongjiang Province aiming to gather talents, construct platform, play an effective role and service development. Secretary of the party committee and president of Longjian Comrade Shang Yunlong Presided over the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by China Highway Academy Youth Expert Committee, sponsored by Highway Construction Management Bureau Co- organized by Long Jian Road & Bridge Co. Ltd. and China Road Planning and Design Institute Co. Ltd. nearly one hundred committees and relevant representatives of Highway Academy Youth Expert Committee ( “Youth Committee” in short ) are participated in the meeting.  

Vice Chairman and secretary-general of China Highway Academy Liu Wenjie, member of standing committee Youth Committee, the vice-major of Heihe City, committee of experts of China Highway Academy, Bureau general of Highway Management Bureau of Heilongjiang-Tian Lin they all delivered a speech. The chairman of committee of the Youth Committee, doubles as president and manager of China Road Planning and Design Institute Co. Ltd Pei Minshan delivered a 2017 operational report ,the topic is “never forget why you start, keep our mission firmly in mind ,strive for construction of “ powerful nation in transportation”.

In the report, Pei Minshan summarized the from the establishment of fifth of Youth Committee in one year the main achievements are including: strengthen to the target guided, make draft “ five year development planning of Youth Committee ”, make clear of the guiding thought ,development aim, working concepts , key missions and safeguard measures, the youth committee strives for in five years the youth committee developing with improved mechanism, distinctive characteristics, prominent platform and extensive influence;  the youth committee drafted the “Working Area Administrative Measures for Youth Committee of China Highway Academy ” as well as submitted the working principles and recommending process of supplement of the youth committee to attract prominent talents to join in; strengthen the pattern innovation, “Heilongjiang technology forum”, illumining the 2017 World Transportation Convention, which provide good example for Youth Committee to create new ways to academic exchange and forge a platform to future academic learning; continuously widened the recommendation channel biennially elected candidates for “China Youth Technology Prize” from the “China Highway Technology Prize” at the same time to recommend the high level experts to China Technology Academy, Office of Science and Technology Awards, Science and Technology Division and so on. In “CHINA HIGYWAY” Magazine open the column “Youth Power” to broadcast new breakthrough.

In the 19th National Congress of Communist Party, general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the construction objective of “ transportation strengthens the nation ” as well as Secretary Xi stressed on the infrastructure construction of the railway, road ,aviation and pipeline. This is the new demand and new chance for road transportation and transportation technology. Pei Minshan thought that the youthful transportation people is the morning sun four the road industry, is the mighty power to construct powerful country. Youth committee stares down the foundation innovation and forges the common business exchange platform. Put more efforts to focus on the new technology ,new mold and new type of operation, broaden the view and mind in the fast development steps.

Pei Minshan stated that the future of the youth committee would center on the working strategy of the Ministry of Transportation and the China Highway Academy. On the basis of the five year planning and technologic demand of strategies of transportation strengthening nation, continuously strengthen the platform and service ability construction to promote service ability and supporting capacity to steadily push forwards various tasks. Our working main part is to service the youth experts and forge the brand activities to elevate the platform value of the youth committee, deeply integrate into the family of China Highway Academy. During interaction, gradually lift the comprehensive strength of the youth committee and adhere to the innovation –driven, keep and elevate the vigor , creative ability and influences of the youth committee.

This meeting issued “ Five-Year Development Planning of Youth Committee ”, and awarded the 12th China Highway Youth Technology Prize. Including Bao Lixia From Shanghai Urban Construction and Design Research Institute, about 10 outstanding young people were awarded.

District Working councils also was founded officially, there are 7 District Working council respectively are North, east, middle area, south, northwest, southwest and Beijing.

During the meeting the Youth Committee also held the technology forum, three experts delivered special academic report on “Highway  Construction in Alpine Region” . In which the vice-secretary general and Environment Center Director of Academy of Science of Ministry of Transport-Kong Yaping shared the report named “environment protection technology and outlook in Alpine Region”; Vice Director of Environment and Engineering Research and Development Center in Alpine Region of China First Highway Survey and Design Institute Co. LTD Liu Ge delivered a report about “frozen earth sub grade design and deformation control technology in Alpine Region ”; Vice Director of BIM Center of Longjian Road and Bridge Co., Ltd.Lv Xiaohang particularly introduced the “BIM + wit-construction” in application and research in Heilongjiang River Bridge.

The conventioneers also came to visit the bridge  of  Heihe-Blagoveshchensk Heilongjiang River(Amur River), this bridge is the first modern road bridge in China-Russia boundary river, after completion in 2019, this bridge would become a new international road to realize the China-Russia and two cities of Heihe and Blagoveshchensk to connect each other closely, this bridge is the important infrastructure facilities for “one belt one road” China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor and icy silk road constructions.

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