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Safety Production and Civilized Construction Site Demonstration Meeting of Construction Group was held in Heilongjiang Bridge Project Department


October 27, 2017,Third Quarter of 2017 Production Safety and Construction Project Civilized Construction Site demonstration Meeting of Construction Group held in Heilongjiang-Blagoveshchensk, Heilongjiang Amur Project Department of Longjian. Deputy general manager of Construction Group Hao Qingduo, chief engineer Liu Junlong, general manager of technology development Wu Xiaoyu, Longjian chief engineer Chen Yanjun and other comrades attended the meeting. More than 40 persons from 13 companies including Longjian, Construction Engineering Group, Longan Group and Water Conservancy Group participated in the meeting.

At 9:00 am, the participants watched the four propaganda films of the Heilongjiang Bridge Project and the BIM application in the multi-purpose conference room and asked in detail the progress of the Heilongjiang Bridge Project. In the project exhibition hall, attendees listened attentively to the introduction of the historical evolution, project overview, project features, construction technology and project construction progress of the bridge construction. In the safety experience hall, staff canteens, steel processing workshops, bridges over the water platform construction site, participants on the project safety and builders work and life of a detailed understanding of the situation. They went to the site measuring pavilion to learn about the progress of construction of both China and Russia. It is worth mentioning that the VR safe experience pavilion, which is part of the safety education training for workers. By simulating the scene of the accident, the relevant safety knowledge of the dangerous source in the construction site is popularizing. The purpose of this demonstration is to encourage civilized construction enterprises .All units can regard this activity as an opportunity to gradually achieve the construction of scientific management, standardization and standardization, and comprehensively enhance the quality of construction projects, safety and comprehensive management of the construction site.

At 13:00pm, Construction Group organized a security production meeting. The meeting was reported by Longjian, Construction Engineering Group, Longan Group and Water Conservancy Group for the third quarter on work safety. The meeting summarized the safety work in the third quarter of 2017 and arranged for the fourth quarter of 2017 work safety production.

At the meeting, Li Hongyu head of Longjian Security Management Department, reported the work safety work in the first three quarters and the deployment of safety management work in the fourth quarter. Longjian the fourth quarter safety work overall requirements include: First, to consolidate the achievements of the security management in the previous three quarters, to ensure the safety of production and management at the beginning of the year, to complete safety inspection work "look back" arrangements. Second, we need to strengthen education training, do a good job of basic security management, strengthen and implement education training in safety, and improve safety management skills and safety awareness. Third, we should strengthen the inspection of hidden dangers and strengthen the management of security risks. Regard the standardization of production safety as an important way to improve the company's safety management and means, and make it throughout the whole process of project construction safety management. Fourth, we should strengthen emergency management of safe production and improve the emergency response system for safe production. Fifth, we should use the winter shutdown period to carry out activities such as "Safe knowledge competition" and " Company safety management experience exchange promotion ".

At the meeting, the leaders of Construction Groups such as Hao Qingduo and Liu Junlong made important instructions. The meeting stressed that the construction of the ownership units of the Group should further improve the safety management system and further enhance the project quality, safe production, civilized construction and green construction integrated management level.

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