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Long Jian’s 2018 Campus Recruitment


‘Based on introducing urgently-needed talents at present, aimed at cultivating our own talents in the long run’, in 2018, at least 516 college graduates will join in Long Jian to inject new vitality into enterprise development. Among them, the proportion of graduates with master's degree or above will reach a new higher level, at the same time, the talent structure of the company will be further improved.

The recruitment of college graduates started in mid-august, and the human resources department of the company and the ownership units have done a lot of preparations. Personnel demand statistics, recruitment plan comparison, target institution research and other links works in an orderly manner. The quality of detailed works such as printing of recruitment brochure and publicity of WeChat editors have improved a certain amount than previous years.

“Corporate video” and “Speech of outstanding graduates in nearly three years ”video showed the strength, standard management, broad development space and strong cultural atmosphere of Long Jian. During the first session of the exchange, students actively submitted their resumes and exchanged with staff members on the company profile, job nature, salary , development prospects and so on. With the high spirits and expectation of selecting talents, the staff of 18 ownership units are willing to carry out the recruitment work patiently and carefully. The recruitment fair was organized in an enthusiastic atmosphere, and the company had a good start in campus recruitment in 2018.

On September 19th and 20th, the recruitment group went to Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology and Heilongjiang Institute of Technology hold a recruitment seminar. The company has maintained a harmonious relationship with these two universities for many years. In the organization process of recruitment, the communication with the employment guidance office is smoother, the information is released quickly. The graduates who came for Lon g Jian and joined double-selection regard Long Jian as an ideal career choice.

On September 21st, 25th, 26th and 28th, the recruitment team went to Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin Engineering University, Northeast Agricultural University and Harbin University of Science and Technology hold a special recruitment seminar. This is the first time that our company has conducted large-scale specialized recruitment in the above institutions. For the first time, we have received warm reception from the relevant leaders and teachers. They arranged for student volunteers to actively assist, post recruitment posters and information. The job fair has enhanced the students' recognition of Long Jian, established a good reputation for Long Jian, expanded the recruitment channels of Long Jian.

At present, our company and its ownership units interview intentionality students in batches according to the situation of resume and initial interview. The interview has rich content and strict standards. The first season of Longjian 2018 campus recruitment ended perfectly, and the second season will be officially launched recently. At that time, the company will go to Shaanxi, Gansu, Chongqing and other places hold many more large-scale recruitments.

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