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General Manager Tian Yulong and His Delegation Visit the Zhangxi Section Road of the Jingmo Road to Conduct guidance


On September 19, 2017,the company's general manager Tian Yulong , deputy general manager, and chief economist Li Zifeng, deputy general manager Shan ZhiLi , assistant general manager Lu Lijun with a line of 16 people to visit Zhangxi section of Jingmo highway engineering construction project to conduct guidance .

Minister of Engineering Administration Cui Yuncai informed the construction of the overall situation, the current main problems, the results of the inspection and evaluation, the next step construction plans and so on.

In view of the construction production situation, the vice general manager of the company delivered a speech. Shan Zhili said: Recently, the ownership units increased investment in the construction of production factors to ensure that ZhangXi project construction site management, but there is a certain gap between ZhangXi project and other good project in the province. For the next step, Shan Zhili emphasized: The project department should do a good job in winter preparation work and make a scientific and reasonable arrangement of construction progress. We should improve the quality of the project and ensure the safety of production management and focus on internal management.

Combined with the assessment of the situation, the general manager Tian Yulong published an important speech, Tian Yulong pointed out that the construction and production of Zhangxi project was highly evaluated by the public road bureau and the government of Mohe county.  This comprehensive inspection is a stage evaluation and certification for the project department of Zhangxi project. The project department should attach great importance to the key and difficult point "frozen soil sub-grade construction", and draw on the construction experience of previous projects to ensure the quality of roadbed construction.

For the next step work, Tian Yulong stressed: various projects department should further strengthen the management, increase investment, speed up the process, to ensure the duration , focus on speeding up the processing of frozen soil, excavation period of construction, backfill construction, lower part of bridge culvert construction; The construction quality management is further improved to ensure that the slope, flatness, compactness, slope smoothness and special subgrade treatment depth are met other indicators. We should focus on traffic safety and comprehensively strengthen safe production. Tian Yulong urged all construction personnel, that due to cold climate in Mohe county , we must be good anti-cold insulation to ensure their physical and mental health.

All staff of Zhangxi section of Jingmo road project have said that they will strictly implement the instructions of the leadership, solidly promote the project construction, make a more reliable Longjian brand.

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