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In the Chinese Valentine's Day Magpie Bridge on Hanjiang Chaozhou Major Bridge Successful Closure Constructed by Long Jian


“Grind the sword in four years to set up a spectacular rainbow in Hanjiang ”Consortium of Long Jian and Shenzhen Construction Group Co. Ltd. jointly has constructed Chaozhou Bridge Project and In Chinese Valentine's Day, traditionally called “double sevenths ”has realized to join formally the two sections of the bridge, which laid solid foundation for the end of the year to be open to traffic.

The closure ceremony held solemnly in Chaozhou Bridge construction site. The municipal party secretary of Chaozhou City-Liu Xiaotao, vice major of Chaozhou City-Hong Yuewei. General Secretary of Chaozhou Party Community -Zhuang Chaohui, Deputy Secretary of Chaozhou Government-Su Huaiming, Director of Chaozhou Municipality  Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau- Lin Jianxin , Director of Municipal Project Construction Center-Xie Zhaoxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and president of Long Jian-Shang Yunlong; President and General Manger of the 5th Engineering Co., Ltd of Longjian Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. –Tanbin, General manager of Shenzhen Construction Group. Co. Ltd.-Xia Kefu were invited to participate in the closure ceremony. All builders in construction site dressed in neat uniforms with the spirited outlooks to witness the historic moment and then enjoy the delights of the hard-working and struggles.

Chaozhou Major Bridge Project is the BT type Engineering Constructed jointly by Long Jian and Shenzhen Construction Group. Co. Ltd. The construction of the Bridge pushes forward the strategy of “Municipal Expansion” of Chaozhou City and accelerates the program of Chouzhou City’s “enlarging outline and improving quality” then to form the new pattern of “one river, both sides”, the whole length of the Chouzhou major bridge is 3163 m, and the length of main bridge is 2420 m, the length of ring road is 743 m, the major bridge is prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge with single tower and double cable planes. Spans are 180m+100m+50m; the height of the major tower is 105 m, this is the main control part of the project tenure, the total amount of the concretes of the whole bridge is 135000M3 ,the cost of the bridge is 512,000,000.00Yuan .

In the construction of Chaozhou Major Bridge, the 5th Project Department of the 5th Engineering Co., Ltd. of Hong Jian consistently sticks to the enterprise objective of “keep a foothold with great ambitions, create remarkable achievements with excellence”; All constructors joined into the fearless hardship, overcome difficult, fight against the heat, typhoon, defined the" iron army of Heilongjiang 5th Engineering Co., of Longjian" spirit with actions, with sincerity, wisdom and sweat written a moving chapter, made outstanding contributions to the construction of the bridge.

The closure ceremony was presided over by Wang haibo, manager of the Chaozhou bridge project of 5th Engineering Co., of Long Jian, Under the direction of Guan Rongcai, vice manager of5th Engineering Co., of Long Jian, the final concrete pouring of the 15th box girder of Chaozhou bridge was completed successfully, and the bridge was officially joint.

In closure ceremony, General manager of Shenzhen Construction Group. Co. Ltd.-Xia Kefu gave a speech and pointed out our company will carry forward spirits of hard work and plain living and innovation with the leadership of the all different levels. Our company would cooperate whole-heartily with Long Jian, continue to exert ourselves and try our best to finish the construction task of Chaozhou Bridge, give Chaozhou people a satisfying response.

Secretary of the Party Committee and president of Long Jian-Shang Yunlong delivered a speech , he firstly showed sublime respects and sincere thankfulness towards all constructors ; He expressed that we should continue to organize and manage scientifically to construct the Chaozhou Bridge with careful attitudes and intense enthusiasm.

Finally, Hong Yuewei -Deputy Mayor of Chaozhou City-,who delivered a speech and stated that Chouzhou major bridge is that our municipal party committee and municipal government positively has responded to the call of the strategy of revitalization of east-north-west of Guangdong of provincial party committee and provincial government, the Chaozhou major bridge could facilitate the steps of construction of Chazhou new district and it is also the key project to promote the municipal development.

In June 2013, Chaozhou major Bridge came into construction, gaining lots of supports and close attentions from all levels of cadres and the masses, all people hope this livelihood project could complete and service the masses. Today, the grand Chaozhou major bridge has finished to be closed, it opened to traffic can be expected soon. 5th Engineering Co., of Long Jian would continue to carry forward spirits of being boldness of challenges and victory to ensure the Chaozhou project and its assorting projects could be finished successfully in the eve of the new year’s day of 2018.

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