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Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province-Hu Yafeng Arriving the key Projects Sites to Inspect, Heida and Beifu Projects of Long Jian Get Inspected


On 27 July 2017,  Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province-Hu Yafeng, Secretary of Party Group and Director-General of Heilongjiang Transportation Department of Communications-Yufei, Deputy Director-General of Heilongjiang Transportation Department of Communications-Sun Yu, and so on they inspected in some key projects of Communications Departments of Heilongjiang Province, Longjian’s secretary of the party committee Shang Yunlong leading Heida and Beifu Projects receiving the inspection.

Shang Yunlong gave an account of development situations, achievements of market development and the long-range planning of Long Jian, and he introduced the production situations about Heida and Beifu projects of Longjian.

Director-General of Heilongjiang Transportation Department of Communications-Yufei gave an speech to the production situations of Heida and Beifu. He pointed out that the every project has gained the good achievements in safety supervision and examination of the Heilongjiang Transportation Department of Communications, the achievements in construction industry , which could not be separated from the efforts of development units, supervising units and construction units. He thinks whether process of the construction or quality of construction, the projects belonging to Long Jian , Heida and Beifu are the outstanding ones, he hoped that Long Jian could continue finishing touches well and guard against arrogance, strive for gigantic achievement for Heilongjiang Communications industry.

As to the projects of Long Jian, Hu Yafeng has made an important instructions, in recent years, Long Jian development is very fast and the achievements are remarkable, Long Jian has done many contributions to the construction industry of Heilongjiang Province and undertake the social responsibilities. He also has confirmed the achievements of Tibetan market of Long Jian, he thought that marching into the Tibet market has shown that the Long Jian’s strategic insights with farsightedness and practical style of work. Hu Yafeng also has stressed that Heida and Beifu Projects’ mental outlooks and construction standards give him impressive. That is thankful of good trend of controlled quality, controlled progress and controlled of Heida and Beifu Highway projects. He hopes that Long Jian continues to roll up sleeves to work harder and put across the productions tasks, contribute to Heilongjiang’s social and economic developments.

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