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Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. Attended the Second Federated Conference about Heilongjiang Tourism Industrial Alliance


On July 27 2017, the second federated conference about Heilongjiang tourism industrial alliance held in Jiangnanchun Hotel of Fuyuan City in Heilongjiang Province, this conference was hosted by Heilongjiang tourism committee and presented by Fuyuan city’s people’s government , Longjian is as the strategic investor to attend this meeting.

This conference is the second federated conference, in the conference , set up the general objective of Heilongjiang tourism industry, namely form the new structure, forge the golden tourism line from sea land and air, rely on the whole industry chain to implement tourism strategy and build the high-beneficial economy and social compound developing along river tourism industry belt. Increase to construct our tourism industry. The provincial tourism committee would further enhance to guide and use the tourism money in tourism industry , at the same time in some policies encourage to attract more strategic investors and private capital invested into the construction of along river tourism industry.

The vice general manager of Long Jian Mr. Liu Wanchang delivered a speech, he firstly on behalf of Long Jian warmly congratulated the convening of province tourism conference. He stated briefly that Long Jian has the following advantages to throw our company into the tourism undertaking and constructs “Big-river bound tourism industry ”1.Qualification advantages, Long Jian’s higher-level unit “Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. is one of minority companies owning the two special and three first grade qualification in construction industry ”;2. Brand advantage, Long Jian has won many times “National Construction Engineering Luban Prize” and “National High-Quality Prize” and has gained higher social reputation;3. Geographic advantages, in the long-time infrastructure construction, our company has set up communication channel with 13 domestic governments. 5.financing advantage , Long Jian is a large-scale state holding listed company, and set up strategic cooperation relations with China Bank, China Construction Bank , ICBC and securities institutions and so on; , our company’s financing ability is continuously expanding. 6. technological superiority, our company has completed programming and design teams and has good strategic foundation with domestic famous enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai; we has the full industrial chain service ability from industrial plotting, programming,  designing ,investment ,constructing and managing.7.project operation advantage, in recent years, our company has strided towards PPP investment market; successively gained the PPP projects in Heilongjiang province and other provinces such as Sichuan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia ,Shanxi Even foreign countries, Sudan and Mongolia.

General manager of Long Jian Culture and Tourism Business Department and Long Jian Urban Construction and Development Co.,Ltd. Mr. Sun Xuefeng has given the attendees Longjian’s profile.

Long Jian is regarded the “Second Federated Conference about Heilongjiang Tourism Industrial Alliance” as the opportunity to actively promote industrial interflow, accelerate the government and enterprises’ cooperation, shoulder to shoulder with the along Dajiejiang’s governments , gathering boundless force of Heilongjiang Tourism to break the conflicts of urban-rural dual economic structure, help our province Supply-side structural reform and positively respond the construction proposal “one belt one road”, we are confident to be bound to make the green mountain and icy land of Heilongjiang Province become rich golden and silver mountains.

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