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Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. and Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. Raise the Curtain about 2017 New Employees’ Induction Training


On 18th July 2017, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. and Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. have raised the curtain about 2017 new employees’ induction training at Harbin Taipinghu Xinsidun Hot Spring Hotel, the cycle of preparation of the training , the number of the trained new employees and the abundance of the content are all beyond the previous years.

At the 9’oclock of the morning , the training was formally opening, the video clip “Longjian welcomes you” is of remarkable affinity make all people find their in an entire new world. The corporate video from all dimensions demonstrate company’s glorious history, development conditions and future concepts.

General Mr. Tian Yulong has given an ardent speech, he firstly on behalf of the company welcomed the new employees warmly and cordially as well as gave all young men the warm greetings and good wishes. He pointed out this training could bring all new employee’s with full confidence  and enthusiasm to march towards their positions through all-round spiritual cleansing, transmission of concept and good skills. He stressed that in the processes of training such as “company profile” “safety education” “professional skill” and “corporate culture”, which make the what you learn conforms to what the company need and then fast integrated into the working. He propose four requests to the new employees, firstly, concentrate on training and sincerely take part in. secondly, ponder diligently and digest what you learn; thirdly, enhance your understanding and dare to puts forward different views; fourthly help each other and learn each other; fifthly, pay attentions to summarize and strive to use for a long time.

The representative of new employees gave asonorous and forceful speech, embodied their luxuriant and flourishing youthful vitality and  enterprising ambitions.

In the training process also commended “ten new employees of 2016”and the commended representatives gave the acceptance speech.

In the warm applause, secretary of the party committee and president Mr,Shang Yunlong gave an important speech. He firstly expressed warm welcome to the new employees, thanks parents who foster your bring up and pay our highest tributes to your teachers. At the same time, he is pride of and gloried that 600 young people attend in Longjian team.

Mr. Shang stressed that you are the source of flowing water of the development of the company, Longjian could let you freely swim in the vast ocean and soar higher in the blue sky, Longjian’s development needs you and your grownup needs Longjian.

He pointed out that Longjian’s development relied on you, company’s 3+2+2 and four synchronization strategies need you, company’s innovation and creation need you.

Mr. Shang Yunlong indicated that your growth need Longjian, Longjian ,you could be cultivated by fine corporate traditions, Longjian could receive all-dimensioned actual experiences because Longjian is a happy and full of concerns and loves family. He stated that engage in construction of Lognjian ,you can enjoy arctic snow, wave in south china sea, appreciate African beautiful scenery, taste South Asia’s fresh fruits , the world is so big, you should have a look. As long as you unite together and strive in respective position to gain achievements, your desires would be satisfied in full extent.

Mr. Shang stressed: look forward to the future, your young men will surely have bright prospects and would give full play to your talent at the same time; this is the historical law that the In the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those before, is also the historical duty that each generation surpasses the preceding one. You should dare to shoulder the vested mission by ages; in the historical process of stronger, more excellent and bigger company, fly your own youthful dreams with highest aims and hardworking.

To the future, he put forward six requests:1.fortify your ideal and conviction;2. Build great life setup3.train the solid ability;4.Dare to innovate ;5.keep in mind the heart of thanksgiving ;6.be bound to hard work and plain living.

President also encouraged everyone: although we face the difficult situations and problems, we should always keep the enterprising spirit of endurance great hardships in pioneer work and difficulty is the nurse of greatness, our undertaking will succeed everywhere.

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