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Supervision and Research Group of Construction Group Co.,Ltd. Deeply Supervised Party Building in Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd


10th, Jul. am.        Long Jian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd

According to the requirements and deployment of the party committee of the Construction Group, in order to further promote the party building work of the ownership enterprises in the comprehensive implementation, Construction Group party committee set up the supervision and research group that leader is deputy party secretary Gao Chong. On July 10th,2017, Construction Group deputy party secretary Gao Chong, discipline inspection office director Zhao Xiaofei, deputy director of party committee Li Yadong went to Longjian to research party construction work. Longjian party secretary, chairman Shang Yunlong, deputy party secretary, discipline inspection commission secretary Sun Guochen, members of the party committee working department and discipline inspection office, party secretaries of ownership some enterprises attend the meeting.

Longjian party secretary, chairman Shang Yunlong reported the company party building work firstly on the meeting. The report showed the situation about fully implement the building of a standardized party building system, " studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" learning education, personnel recruitment and cadre management, publicity work, people's livelihood work, party wind and clean government construction, and explained problems existing in party building.

Construction Group party committee deputy director Li Yadong shortly introduced Longjian’s party building work to Chong Gao. He thinks that two levels of Longjian leadership have attached importance to party building work, and it has played a good role in the political core and leadership of the party organization. Party building basic work is solid, better implement construction group's work requirement, Construction Group will hold a party building on the spot meeting in August. He hopes that Longjian will carefully sum up the highlights of the party's construction work in the field and communicate at the site.

Gao Chong made a speech after hearing the report, and he gave full affirmations to the work of Longjian party building. He thinks Longjian party building works are very impressive, party’s ideological construction, organizational construction, style of work, system construction highlights, we should pay attention to the practice of summarizing and refining experience, and attach great importance to the research work of party building theory. Strive to write a number of excellent party building papers before the end of the year, and communicate with each other.

Li Yadong put forward some requirements for party construction in the second half: Firstly, you should summarize the highlights of the various levels of the company, the branch, the party committee and the project branch. Secondly, you should focus on promoting the construction of typical groups. Thirdly, you shall implement the construction of a standardized system of party building. Fourthly, you shall research on the construction of branch party.

10th, Jul. pm.        The ownership units

Member of the supervision and research group listened the report of party building of grass-roots party committees in ownership units, and checked meeting minutes and relevant information.

Longjian the 5th Engineering Co.,Ltd: Listened to party building report

Longjian the 5th Engineering Co.,Ltd: Checked information

Longjian the 6th Engineering Co.,Ltd: Listened to party building report

Longjian the 6th Engineering Co.,Ltd: Party building documents

Construction Group supervision and research group supervised party building in Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd and ownership units that have great significance to carry out the party building work better, must continue to make new progress in party building.

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