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Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Road & Bridge Group held 2017 Production Meeting


On the afternoon of June 28, 2017, Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Road & Bridge Group held 2017 production meeting at the Heihe Bridge Project Department of the1st Engineering Company. The leading members of the company, the main comrades in charge of the Department, the management units, the comrades in charge of the party and the government and the members of the team responsible for the construction and production that more than 80 people were attended. Shan Zhili, deputy general manager of the company presided over the meeting.

The meeting first heard the persons in charge of the various units on market development, construction, production, the current difficulties and the second half of the construction arrangements for the report.

Shan Zhili, deputy general manager of the company delivered a speech. Shan Zhili said, 2017 is not only an important year for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan, but also the company’s management reform and innovation deepening year. The goal is the standardization, standardization, refinement, intensive, information-based and specialized direction forward of the company’s production management and make sure that all works are steadily. For the current situation Shan Zhili emphasized seven aspects of contents: one is the coordination, advance planning, careful organization, construction and production steadily; second is to make the standard construction system perfect, widely use the four new technology, brand influence has been further expanded; the three is to improve the construction of rules and regulations, to further enhance the company's management level is four; to strengthen the cost management and control efforts, to enhance the company's profitability; five is the information construction achievements, help enterprises to upgrade; six is to strengthen the safety awareness of the red line, management of information technology to enhance safety; seven is to optimize the asset structure, the purchase of new equipment, improve equipment level. Shan Zhili summed up the existing problems in administration and said that the company will continue to focus on "enterprise management" and "strengthen audit supervision" to carry out the work, earnestly implement the Congress proposed the management objectives, to further strengthen the company's top-level design, service and restriction efforts, play the comprehensive inspection team of company functions to promote the steady improvement in the management level of the company.

Company’s deputy secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Mr.Sun Guochen gave a speech. He stressed that in the next half year, the key points should conforms to the next 7 aspects: firstly, push forward the party’s standardization construction. Secondly, actively push forward the education of “two Studies and one Action ” to make the education normalized and Institutionalized; thirdly, comprehensively carry forward democratically appraised the cadres; fourthly push forward the critical engineering projects; fifthly in accordance the beginning of the year’s discipline requirements to carry out the discipline inspection work; sixthly on the demand of the Heilongjiang Construction Groups Co., Ltd. completely support the works of anti-poverty project; seventhly, arrange the 2017 new graduate students’ receiving and training works.

Company’s secretary of the party committee and president of Shang Yunlong gave a keynote speech. He has given a high evaluation of “The July 1st commendation congress” and art performance, and has stressed that young workers who participated in performance are vigorous, spirited, versatile and healthy. He give a positive affirms that the management group has raising their abilities, enhance confidence, cadres becoming mature and group grown up day by day; these are set up the solid foundation for all items of works of the company. He expressed that the development trends of the company is “marketing circulating good news, management is strengthening, all workers are striving and achievements are all around ”. He stressed that all different levels of cadres should unite together with fine plan and ambition, and win without pride and lose with grace, we should first help others and then gain the benefit from helping others; Mr. Shang Yunlong pointed out that in the next half year focus on the next steps of works, firstly “stable to grow ” further to enlarge the management scale; secondly “ adjust structure ” build the all-dimensional operation structure with “bidding and investment”; thirdly “promote financing ” to protect the safe production of the company; fourthly “ pay attention to management” further to promote the company’s production quality and effects; fifthly, “technology and talent ” to strengthen the core advantages of the company.

In this meeting, conclude the achievements at the first half year and summon up the morale, objectively analyze the development opportunity and existing problems, which indicate good direction and working methods to the next half year’s works; the company calls upon all cadres and workers unite together , diligently and arduously to strive for the genuine achievements from the ambitious targets.

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