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China Russia Expo, Here we Are—Take You Into Long Jian Exhibition Area


On June 15,2017, the fourth China Russia Expo as known as the twenty-eighth Chia Harbin Trade Fair sponsored by Ministry of commerce the People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province, Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade held grandly in Harbin International Meeting and Exhibition Center. Over 13 thousand customers and guests from 74 countries visited the exhibition.

The exposition is under the background of "One Belt One Road" and China-Russia cooperation relations have maintained a high level of operation, the theme of the exhibition is “Activating cooperation hotspots and promoting innovation and development.” Reflects the effective docking of “One Belt One Road" and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union strategy, highlighting the all-round cooperation between China and Russia, as well as the cooperation between China and Russia as the carrier to cooperate with related countries and regions.

The exhibition of Long Jian Road & Bridge is located in the area B that is a key area of the Expo, and the exhibition number is B6074-B6093. The design of Long Jian exhibition hall consists of elements such as the cable-stayed bridge and sails. The outlook of the exhibition hall is like a big ship that indicates the enterprise is ready to sail. The exhibition hall successfully utilized sound, light and electrifies as important elements, and also used a large LED screen and a light box picture to help, the use of dynamic elements and the majestic style shows the main business of the enterprise which is road and bridge construction engineering. On both sides of the red rose line shape to the main structure of the whole are full of vitality, but also contains the meaning of “One Belt One Road ". In the plane layout, the enterprise exhibits are arranged in an orderly way, echoing with the top shape, and the overall appearance of the whole is transparent and beautiful, with distinct layers and novel techniques. The exhibition introduces the general situation and main achievements of the company. Side slope cross-country skiing characteristic town sand table and Heilongjiang (Amur River) highway bridge 3D printing model is located in the exhibition area eye-catching position.

Long Jian Exhibition caught great attention from Russian government officials, business organizations and directors of enterprises. Amur state governor Kozlov, president of “Binhai Bianjiang District Trade Fair” Wei Michael Servos and general manager of Kamchatka Development Co., Ltd. Perkin Nicola came to the exhibition, and exchanged ideas with the Long Jian chairman Shang Yunlong.

Dean of Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Transport Shi Baolin, director of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Communications and Transportation Yu Fei, chairman of Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Qixiang, manager of Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Yu Caifeng, director,member of board of directors Shi Tieqiao、 president of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Harbin Branch Liu Danping、Shangzhi municipal party committee secretary Yang Aiguo, director of general office of Provincial Department of Communications and Transportation Zhao Yang, director of Heihe Bridge Project Huang Yunyong came to the exhibition area to exchange ideas with Long Jian staff.

At 11:00 a.m., chairman of Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. Shang Yunlong signed Strategic Co-operation Frame Contract with dean of Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Transport Shi Baolin.

Heilongjiang Province TV Station interviewed the director of Long Jian Research and Development Liang Xuyuan and the general manager of International Branch Company of Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. Liu Shujun.

On 16th morning, Suihua municipal party committee sectary Qu Min visited Long Jian exhibition area.

China Russia Expo is an event approved by Chinese and Russian government is not only a national level international large-scale economic and trade fair but also a platform for both countries to exchange ideas and cooperation in key areas. This fair can help Chinese and foreign investors to build a deeper understanding of the advantage of resource of Heilongjiang Province, and also give a change to fully utilize industrial potential and to promote a positive image for domestic and foreign merchants. Long Jian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd actively participated in the exhibition, aimed at highlighting the company's strength, expand the company's influence, and further implement the "Going Out" strategy.

Compared with the 2rd China Russia Expo, the number of countries participated in the event increased to 21, 10 countries are the first time exhibitors, number of "One Belt On Road” countries is the historical number.

The Expo will last 5 days, and the ministries and commissions will hold 20 key business activities with the Russian counterpart ministries and departments. Heilongjiang provincial departments and institutions will also hold more than 50 exchanges, promotion and docking negotiations, Long Jian will continue to seek cooperation opportunities with all parties.

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