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Shang Yunlong- Chairman of Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd - Attending the Hebei Province Tour and Investment &Financing Conference and Giving a Keynote Speech


On 30th Mar.2017, Mr. Shang Yunlong Chairman of the board of Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd, who is representative of the LongJian, has attended Hebei Province Tour and Investment &Financing Conference and given a keynote speech, and he has emphasized on the viewpoints and opinions of the construction of the characteristic town. 

Hebei Province Tour and Investment &Financing Conference are hosted by the Hebei Province Government. Hebei is faced with the synergetic development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and strategic opportunities of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and so on. During the “Thirteen –five Plan” the investment of the tour is beyond of the trillion. The conference is regarded “set up the platform for capital, and add wings for touring” as the theme, especially launching 100 investment projects about the touring with the supporting policies and arrange the municipal, county governments and project companies to discuss and negotiate together. 

Long Jian is the only road and bridge construction enterprise to be invited by the host. In the conference, Mr. Shang Yunlong is representative of Long Jian met sincerely with the Mr. Li Shihong-Deputy Director General- National Tourism Administration , Li Ganjie-Deputy Secretary-Heibei Province and Mr. Wang Xiaodong -Vice-governor of the People’s Government in Hebei Province. 

In the link of “development and construction forum of the creative and characteristic town”, Mr. Shang Yunlong has discussed with six honored guests, Mr. Linfeng- the Chairman of Lvweiwen Tour Group, Mr. Xu Daoming-the Chairman of Xinhua Lianwen Tour Co.,- and so on, as the theme of “Development and Construction of Creative and Characteristic Town” to proceed the deep communication and interaction. Mr. Shang Yunlong has simply introduced basic information of the company and stated that the significances of the characteristic towns which could guide the villagers to remove into the new towns through the mode of the land transferring, and improve the villagers’ living standards and quality, as well as put the regional employment in motion. From the point view of the enterprise, we shall entirely understand the importance of construction of characteristic and propose the important views that “the soul of forging characteristic town is not tour, even not real estate, it is industry. Gathering the industries and remolding the characteristics of the towns focus on the “small and special”. The honored guests have given a high praise of his views. 

Mr. Shang Yunlong has shown that Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd has been regarded the Yimianpo characterisitic town in Shangzhi City of Heilongjiang Province and Hengshan Characterisitc touring ancient town in Hunyuan County of Shanxi as the starting points to march to the constructions of the characteristic towns. Simultaneously, he also has pointed out that the Hebei is of the rich touring resources and specially regional advantages, the bigger market potential and superior investment policies. Long Jian would continually enlarge the national quality, brand ,technical advantages and superiorities of the financing platform of the listed company to focus on the traveling transportation and infrastructure construction and forge the boutique and characteristic towns, then gain the achievements as soon as possible.  

Mr. Shang Yunlong finally call upon the enterprises who join in the conference “We roll up our sleeves and work with added energy”, take full advantages of characteristic touring platform constructed by government, to boost the touring development in Hebei Province,  promote construction of characteristic towns and integrate all kinds of resources. 

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