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Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd Held the Meeting on Operation Management in 2017


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the second meeting of the 1st workers congress, summarize operation management works in 2016 and deploy operation management mission in 2017, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd held 2017 operation management conference on Mar. 31st, 2017 in the eighth-floor conference room. Longjian leading group members, department heads and principals of subsidiary units attended this conference. And Comrade Li Zifeng - Deputy Manager of Longjian hosted the conference.


Each principal of subsidiary units has reported its own operation management situation in 2016 and comprehensively reviewed all outstanding results achieved in the whole year, profoundly analyzed all remaining issues and shortcomings, meanwhile, made prospect towards 2017 management work plan.

Comrade Li Zifeng - Deputy General Manager has informed evaluation results and award honoring decisions of Management Achievement Responsibility with 2016 annual goal.


Comrade Tian Yulong - General Manager and chief principals of subsidiary units signed 2017 annual goal Management Achievement Responsibilities and 2017 Annual Safety Production Responsibilities.

Comrade Shan Zhili - Deputy General Manager has made 2017 management work report. The report has reviewed main management work in 2016. Firstly, projects in progress have pushed forward steadily with well-organized planning and good coordination. Secondly, optimize the constructions of standardized system, improve project quality and build Longjian brand. Thirdly, consummate the constructions of rules and regulations and promote company’s standardized management. It also has summarized remaining issues and shortcomings in the past one year management work. With regard to arrangement of management work, Comrade Shan Zhili has emphasized five points: Firstly, build “Longjian” brand with craftsman heart, further improve influence of enterprise brand. Secondly, strengthen regulation’s executive power and restrictive power, further standardize company management behaviors. Thirdly, realize the goal of advancing company quality and efficiency by adopting advanced management concepts and methods. Fourthly, strengthen control of the whole process of the contract and establish & improve systems of risk prevention and control. Fifthly, increase the promotion strength for information population and enhance the levels of company’s modern managements.

General Manager - Tian Yulong has made management work report with the theme of Hard work renewal great enterprise, struggle for creating brilliance, Forge ahead in a new vitalizing and developing situation. The report has completely summarized outstanding achievements of management work in 2016. Longjian has taken full advantages of teamwork and continuously consolidated the existing market and significantly optimized management pattern. Complying with the trend, Longjian has taken a good position in PPP projects and investment scope has extended to upstream industrial chain and other fields. By grasping the opportunities, creating mutual benefits by close cooperation together with innovating operation models, Longjian has gained brilliant achievements in EPC projects. Laying solid foundation, we are done well in fundamental works, for instance, qualifications, credit, record as well as admissions of provincial and ministry information network platform. The report has deeply explained remaining issues in management work. Firstly, the completion of management performance has existed polarization. Secondly, the rate of winning a bid is low and market development is imbalance. Thirdly, the company pays high attentions to qualification application but overlooks upon maintenance of qualification causing serious homogeneity. Fourthly, the company attaches importance to management results but neglects reasonable distribution of management resources. Fifthly, the company thinks highly of cost-effectiveness but ignores the credit evaluation and reputation evaluation. Sixthly, professional ability of PPP projects needs to be further improved, sustainable learning is incoherent and it can not satisfy changeable requirements of markets. 

The report has made arrangements for 2017 management work. Firstly, Longjian shall continuously consolidate provincial market and hold strong momentum of full engagements to ensure company’s leading position. Secondly, Longjian needs to stand firm in existing provincial market, correctly study and judge targeted projects and make efforts to exploiting the market outside Heilongjiang province. Thirdly, based on cooperative operation in international projects, Longjian has to open multi-channel operation models. Fourthly, combined with company’s investment goals, Longjian shall do well in financing work layout and insist on main business investment together with diversification development advancing hand in hand. Focus on main points of 2017 management works, Comrade Tian Yulong has stressed on eight aspects which are taking full advantages of capital resource to reinforce financing ability; improving investment & financing management system and system construction to make whole process management; enhancing consciousness of risk prevention and control to establish pre-bid investigation system towards major projects; Interpreting major issues after significant bidding projects and investment projects are opened. Doing well in and improving maintenance of qualifications, especially in seeking breakthrough in qualification of tunnel construction; Paying sufficient attentions towards the credit evaluation of national and provincial highway construction to ensure that the evaluation results of Longjian as well as subsidiary units are Grade AA or Grade A; Laying a good foundation for elementary works and straightening out project examining and approving process; Strengthening echelon construction of managerial personnel to build a well-structured management team.

Comrade Shang Yunlong - Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Longjian has made an important speech. Initially, Comrade Shang Yunlong expressed identification and compliments towards management works report made by subsidiary units and totally agreed with what General Manager - Tian Yulong has summarized and arranged in the management report. Comrade Shang Yunnlong has pointed out the reasons why we could achieve outstanding grades in last year is that we has adopted a good strategy and we has adamantly executed according to the strategy, besides, the result is closely connected with our efforts, struggle, hard work as well as our donation. In terms of work in 2017, Comrade Shang Yunlong has emphasized that we face with heavy pressures under the current circumstance, but we have infinite potential and we shall firm confidence, abandon traditional thoughts to make transformation from a traditional construction enterprise to a new type of modern enterprise. In operation fields, Comrade Shang Yunlong has made following requirements, Firstly, Seriously analyzing the situation, studying & judging the market and making plans in advance; Secondly, taking consideration of all the staff’s engagement in company management and a game of chess of Longjian in the whole objective; Thirdly, innovating operating methods and widening operation fields; Fourthly, improving management systems and regulating management behaviors; Fifthly,learningmore,combining active learning with internal learning and external learning.

Comrade Li Zifeng has made summary and stressed in following three points towards the meeting. Firstly, emphasized on consciousness of speed. All subsidiary units shall convey the spirit of the meeting, pay high attentions, take immediate actions, serious convey meeting content and hold a thematic meeting to study and arrange in combination with the real conditions of the units and departments to make feasible plans. Secondly, emphasized on consciousness of strategies. All things may fail without planning in advance. The whole year layout plan has been made and all departments together with all subsidiary units shall make overall plans, scheme in all aspects, plan first and take actions followed. Thirdly, emphasized on consciousness of overall situation. Doing well in management work, all units shall proceed from the whole development situation. Superior & subordinate units in vertical line and all brother units in horizontal line shall make the best of complementary advantages, resources sharing, smooth communication and coordinated development.

The meeting was held in an excellent situation of achieving good grades in 2017 and it has guiding significances in operating management work in the whole year. We need seize market, achieve leaping development, march forward courageously to spare no efforts in realizing twenty-billion goals.

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