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Longjian Road &Bridge Co., Ltd and Road& Bridge Group Held Subordinate Units Party Secretary Assessment Debriefing Meeting


On February 22nd, 2017, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Road & Bridge Group held subordinate units Party Secretary assessment debriefing meeting about grassroots Party building at 8th floor conference room in Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd .Company leaders, the Party secretary and deputy secretary, the head of the company department, the party director of subordinate units, and Party representatives of the masses attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Mr.Sun Guochen presided over the meeting.

Twelve Party secretaries of 18 subordinate units under Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and Road & Bridge Group attended the meeting and report the work, the other six party secretaries had the written report of work. They review the grassroots party building last year in the process of work from three parts that organize, lead and promote the implementation of duties, the main problems and causes, the next step of the work of thinking and the main measures. They reviewed the achievements of the past year, and analyzed the shortcomings of the party building work, and made a prospect for the party building work in 2017. 

General manager of Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd Mr.Tian Yulong has made comments to Party secretary in the meeting and pointed out that grassroots party building have achieved gratifying results over the past year. Mainly for the following aspects: Compared with last year, the degree of thoughts and work regulations had improved. The party's political core role has improved, the main responsibility are implemented. Party secretary of the first responsible person got better implementation. Party building of projects achieved great results. Team building has been effectively strengthened. General manager Mr.Tian said that although the grassroots Party building work has made outstanding achievements, but there are still some problems. For instance, Party department has less powerful and echelon building is laggard;Party building work should pay attention to the norms and dare to innovate at the same time. Party building standardization system has not yet achieved full coverage in the grassroots branches, there still have dead ends. In view of the actual construction of the Party, general manager Mr.Tian proposed the following expectation and requirements. The first is to standardize the grass-roots branch construction as origin of force that strengthen the Party building at all levels and implement the Party building system. The second is to strengthen the system construction as the point of penetration that achieve the integration of Party and government work and put the Party building into the company's articles of association to ensure that the Party organization has the political core position in the corporate governance structure. The third is to enhance the level of decision-making as a means to strengthen the core of the Party leadership. The fourth is that play the role of Party organization cohesion through the rich Party activities.

Finally, the participants commented and voted on the situation of assessment debriefing from Party secretary. All in all, the meeting has a great important guiding significance for the development of Party building work of subordinate units.

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