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Inspection Team of Provincial Civilization Office Welcoming our Company to Review the Works of Civilized Company Pacesetter


On Feb. 20, 2017 in the afternoon, Mr. Liu Weikuan --vice director of Provincial Civilization Office, Mr.Zhao Liangtao--director of Provincial Volunteer Service Center ,Mr.Geng Fuqiang- Vice Section Chief of the section of Creation and Coordination Provincial Civilization Office, Ms. Tianjing Secretary of Provincial Civilization Office, a group welcome our company to review the works of civilized company pacesetter of Longjian’s four affiliating companies. Mr.Panyang--Vice Chief of Provincial Department of Transportation, Ms Xu Yanwen-- Researcher of Provincial Department of Transportation, Mr.Sun Guochen Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Longjian , Ms Liuhui --director  of Committee of Party Office of Longjian also have  join the reviewing. 

The inspection team has inspected the works of foundation of companies through the ways of debriefing, checking the archival data of the foundation, observing the site atmosphere of foundation and investigating and surveying of the employees.

Mr. Liu Weikuan vice --director of Provincial Civilization Office, has spoken highly of Longjian’s four affiliating companies about the carrying out foundation combined the practical experiences, he has expressed that the transportation system has taking on good situations of “two high” and “two covering”, namely, high attention, high standardization, “two covering”,from civilized company covering to the total system of the company, covering to all project teams. He has stressed that all companies must keeping the foundation of the civilized company and gradually gaining wider industry experiences, on the basis of consolidation and improvement of the industry creation, and constantly strengthen cohesive force and fighting capacity of the company with the coordination of the two civilizations.

Mr.Panyang-Vice Chief of Provincial Department of Transportation, representative of Provincial Department of Transportation has shown great gratitude to inspection team of Provincial Civilization Office, he has expressed that the companies belong to the system of the transportation should carry out the various demands of the inspection, keep the achievement and find out the faults then facilitate the works of foundation going into a new step. At the same time as always to pay attentions to development and promotion of the two civilizations. 

In recent years, the affiliating companies of Longjian has consolidated and progressed the achievements of civilization development, at the guide of spirits1of 8th session of the National People's Congress and a series of speeches of general secretary of Mr. Xi Jinping , foster and fulfill the socialist core values and positively carry out the education for Party and a series of special activities to manifest social liabilities , and enhance the company core completion , In the next step, Longjian would catch the chance of reviewing of the Provincial Civilization Office to create the further thinking and promote in advance level to ensure the foundation of provincial level Civilized Company Pacesetter effectively and positively to progress.  

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