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Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd Held the Special Training on Listed Company’s Regulation and Development


To improve management level of regulations and achieve company’s rapid development by utilizing capital market, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd has specially invited Mr. Guo Ruochao—the Head of Supervision Department in Heilongjiang Province Securities Regulatory Commission of China to conduct special training with the theme of Listed Company’s Regulation and Development in Longjian on Jan. 10th , 2017. Mr. Shang Yunlong—Chairman of Board, Mr. Tian Yulong—General Manager and executives together with all staff in headquarter, subsidiary directors as well as relevant department heads in all more than 200 people have participated in this training. Mr. Wang Zhengyu—Secretary of the board hosted and made a speech.

Department head, Mr. Guo Ruochao has made speech in combining original practical cases with listed company’s current development situation, the difference between listed company and unlisted company, listed company how to utilize capital market to achieve development, listed company’s supervision, standard of information disclosure, insider trading and listed company’s common illegal problems analysis. Based on Longjian’s actual conditions, he also offered five suggestions to Longjian’s regulation & development in the method of treating policies as entry points, from supervision department’s angel. He has proposed for implementing equity financing to reduce asset-liability ratio, improving internal process in information disclosure, strengthening financial management to raise level of financial statement preparation, enhancing education of executives and staff to prevent irregularities in exchange of stocks and doing well in insider’s registration to stop insider trading.

Comrade Wang Zhengyu—Secretary of the board has treated financing as entry point, schemed potential from capital’s side high position and pointed out a new way to make company become stronger and larger. He has indicated that the training was held at the moment that our country has highly emphasized on capital market development and reinforced supervision as well as the intensity of the punishment towards listed companies, meanwhile, it’s also an  imperative and necessary training that Longjian has fully utilized capital market to make further development and implemented entity management together with capital operation double drive to the thirteenth five plan in earlier period. With the purpose of strengthening all staff’s consciousness of regulating operation and capital thinking ability, this training will make executives and all staff systematically master company’s supervision laws and regulations and relevant policies related to capital market in order to construct firm and vigorous knowledge system to Longjian in regulating management & capital operation. He requested that this training is a time-point, each staff must strictly regulate operation in accordance with listed company’s governance principles to prevent arising any behavior of fraud, at the same time, and each one shall make contributions for Longjian capital operation.

The training plays a significant role in ensuring the company adheres to the principle of lawfulness and compliance, grasping policy opportunities of capital market, excavating resource potential of listed company’s financing platform, extending financing channels, making new breakthrough in capital operation and promoting Longjian rapid development.

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