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Comrade Zhang Qixiang---Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Heilongjiang Construction Group Co. Ltd --- and his team researching in Longjian Road and Bridge Co., Ltd


On the 3 Jan. 2017, the first working day of the new year, Comrade Zhang Qixiang of HCGC has led their group and its department heads, subsidiary directors and personnel director in all 25 persons to research in Longjian about the works of recruitment of the college graduates, meanwhile, as to the human resources development, they has had an informal meeting and exchanged the experiences with the Longjian’s Shang Yunlong (Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Longjian),Tian Yulong (Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager) and relevant department directors.

In the meeting, the vice director of department of HR of Longjian---Yinda--- has given an account of the HR management works about recruitments and cultivation of college graduates and she has explained the works through PPT, she has put the six blocks of HR management as the main line and introduced the mechanisms of Longjian’s education, choice and employment of the workers as well as combined with the works of recruitments and cultivation of the new graduate students. Her introduction has given vitality of Longjian human resources training, Longjian is pursuing for “the wise try best their wisdom; the brave try best their strengths” .

The participators in meeting have exchanged and discussed deeply about Longjian’s situations and existing problems of recruitments and cultivation of the graduate students.

Comrade Zhang Qixiang---Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of HCGC has given a keynote speech and affirmed the effects and ways of Longjian’s recruitment and cultivation of the graduate students, he has analyzed the current conditions on reserve of talents and scale and form of the talents in HCGC and also emphasized the importance of the building of the human resources as well as reinforced the ideological understanding in human resource building.     

Firstly, the transition of HCGC has proposed new demand of the composition of trained personnel. The formulation and enforcement of the “the thirteen-five plan”, the whole structure of HCGC has changed greatly, which is inconsistent with the reserve of talents, and put forward the new demands of the composition of trained personnel. In the tense increasingly market competition, we could face the challenge with the abundant and rational cadres structures, and good quality. In 2017, HCGC put technology of “thirteen-five plan” and talent construction on the agenda, from the elementary construction of talents, at the end of “thirteen-five plan”, HCGC has basically taken shape in structure, class, reserve, system and superiority of cultivating talents and gradually raised up the relevant competitive strengths.

Secondly, it is necessary and vital to focus on the works of cultivating talents, from the strategic level. The change of development scale of the corporate has caused the new demand of the talents, the historical debt must be paid, and the works of talents must be pay special attention to it. At present, we have much pressure on the problems that the talents are extremely deficient in some fields and the cadres do not play an important role in some key positions. The works of talents is of the pragmatic measures and strong determination. The HCGC must put the planning, strategy and policy of works of talents into practice and insist in the Party guiding the cadres, the Party managing the talents and the Party resolving the talents problems in order to realize talents’ optimization configuration. 

Thirdly, the recruitment of graduates, confirm the principles: graduate from the important universities, we take initiatives to recruit; graduate from the common universities we choose the excellent ones and graduate from colleges we select top-notch students. The principles of recruitment should be based on the scale of the HCGC development and achievements. In Heilongjiang Province, the university is complex in industrialization and professionalization. We need combine the major and job requirements to affirm the list of university and college to research the graduates. We need have relations with university according to the relevant majors, and then we could know the information of graduates and arrange the internship in advance. We also guarantee the works of recruitments openly and transparently to publish the information of recruitments timely. We must regard the development and reserve of cadres as one of important indicator to evaluate the leader’s achievements and create a healthy and positive environment of loving, attracting, protecting the talents.

Fourthly, the talent construction conforms to the key point of people oriented, the core is to reflect difference; the separation of title and rank, the performance assessment regards the difference as the core. The separation of title and rank could resolve the problem of way to put the talent on the proper position, avoid the secondary harm and promote the talents become the important cadre. HCGC has set up a simple and concise working relations, especially the use of cadre completely eradicate the mystification and put the undertaking as important elements and create a stage and space for cadres. 

Fifthly, the tenure of cadres of the leaders adopts the method of democratic appraisal. By means of policy promote the leaders’ working status and competition of industry, which make our different levels of leaders vigorously.

Assignment of responsibility of the cadres must be definite and open; the tenure is three years, through publicity and reporting of one’s work to evaluate the responsibility. The works of cultivating talents is the priority among priorities, the different levels of cadres should has the strategic thinking to resolve the problems.

Mr. Shang Yunlong-- Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,Ltd.—has expressed gratitude towards leaders of HCGC and different levels of other leaders affiliated companies of HCGC who have given Longjian much supports and cares and in briefly summarized the general working thinking in the latest three years. 

In 2015, seeking the development and after establishment of the new leading group, they have gone deepen investigation and research of the market and mutual development of the future; in 2016, formulate the relevant policies to reform; in 2017, put the center on management, we have formed the direction of corporate development, orientation of market layout, and internal control system, this year we must implement completely this systems, from office to base course, until to the forefront construction site , from leader to ordinary workers we must strengthen the conception of deepening management, put the human resource management as the priority among priorities, and try to do better about works of HR.

In this meeting, HCGC has unified thinking of setting up to the rules for recruitments, raising up the reserve of cadres, optimizing talent structure and promoting the talent vigor, the meeting has marked the strategy “talent thriving enterprise” completely and solidly promoting into a new step. 

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