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The Opening Ceremony of the First Sino-Russian Highway Bridge across Heilongjiang has Held


It’s silent and freezing cold in winter of northern cities, dropping water forms into ice. On Dec. 24th, the opening ceremony of the first Sino-Russian highway bridge across Heilongjiang (the project within the territory of China)——Heihe to Blagoveshchensk Heilongjiang (Amur River) bridge was held in Sino-Russian boundary river, Heilongjiang. Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Transport of Russia  Federation sent a message of congratulation. Mr. Wang Xiankui—Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee attended the opening ceremony, Mr. Lu Hao—governor of Heilongjiang province and Mr. Kozlov—Governor of Amur state made speech individually. Mr. Shang Yunlong as secretary of Party Committee & Chairman of the board of Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. together with Mr. Ning Changyuan—Chairman & General manager of Heilongjiang Provincial 1st Engineering Co.,Ltd of Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd and other Chinese construction units’ representatives participated in the opening ceremony.

In Lu Hao’s speech, he said the relationship between China and Russia is in the best historical period in the direct promotion of President Xi Jinping and President Putin. Under this important circumstance, with strong support of both Sino-Russian central government departments, Heilongjiang province and Amur state has made mutual efforts in planning for Heilongjiang Highway Bridge for many years which has been constructed officially now. I represented Heilongjiang provincial government to congratulate the commencement of bridge and expressed sincere thanks to Amur government and Russia federation relevant departments as well as participant units. In recent years, Heilongjiang province in accordance with an important consensus reached by Sino-Russian presidents, actively has participated in the construction of One belt One road and connection of Eurasian economic union, positively engaged in revitalization of northeast China strategy and far-east region development strategy. The construction of Heilongjiang highway bridge in Heihe will certainly further promote interconnection of infrastructure projects in Heilongjiang province and far-east region, improve large-volume & stereoscopic highway, railway as well as aviation transportation system and it must have profound influence on deepening development between Heilongjiang province and Russian far-east regions. I hope Sino-Russian construction enterprises can cooperate closely to fulfill high-standard and high-quality construction assignments within time limits of the project and make this bridge become a friendship bridge, cooperation bridge and mutual development bridge. 

  Kozlov said Sino-Russian presidents have paid highly attention to the development, exchanges and cooperation of two countries, Amur bridge in 

Blagoveshchensk is a major project that implements Sino-Russian presidents’ consensus into practice, aiming at linking closely between Amur state and Heilongjiang province and it also plays an important role in further deepening all-round cooperation as well as promoting regional economy development. I hope Heilongjiang highway bridge can be completed on schedule and put it into operation earlier by mutual efforts.

Heilongjiang highway bridge project in Heihe is originated from Changfa village in Heihe, Heilongjiang province and it’s ended in Carney Kurgan village, Blagoveshchensk in Amur state of Russia. The total length is 19.9 kilometers, 6.5 kilometers is within Chinese territory and 13.4 kilometers is within Russian territory. In which, Heilongjiang bridge is with 1283m-long, 14.5m-width and 147m-span of main channel has been considered as the First composite beam extradosed cable-stayed bridge in northern high latitude cold regions and its design is finished by the cooperation between China and Russia. Estimated investment of the project is 2.47 billion yuan. Expected project duration is 3 years and the project is estimated to handle over and open to traffic in Oct. 2019. Design of bridge has incorporated with the concept of green environmental protection. The foundation adopts reinforced concrete expansion pile head, is firstly used in the construction of grand bridge which can reduce foundation’s project quantities and lower the project price. The project has commenced in winter and the foundation as well as lower pier has adopted winter construction technique. Heilongjiang provincial government and Amur state government have proposed to establish joint venture Company to sign concession agreement. The joint venture is responsible for the new mode of organizing design in unified manner, synchronous construction management as well as mutual operation maintenance which has accumulated valuable experience of bridge construction management in Boundary River. The construction of bridge will become a new giant avenue of international highway to achieve direct interaction of prefecture-level cities in both China and Russia. 

On the scene of opening ceremony, Mr. Wang Xiankui—Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Mr. Lu Hao—Provincial Governor and other provincial leaders expressed sympathy with Longjian constructors in front line. Longjian is capable of constructing Heilongjiang highway bridge (the project within Chinese territory) to demonstrate its leading position in high latitude and extremely cold areas. All Longjian contractors determine to overcome all obstacles and complete construction mission successfully in order to establish an immortal monument in northeast area and offer a satisfying questionnaire to our country and people.

Diagrammatic drawing of the bridge

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