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Longjian Spirit Sparkling in Snowy Plateau ---- Heilongjiang Provincial Longjian Road &Bridge Co., Ltd 6th Engineering Co., Ltd


On 11th 24, the data from the Shigatse project department has showed that they have finished 5.08M production value in a single day, which has made a new record when the project department entered into the construction site. So far, the production value of Shigatse project in a single day always is keeping above 5 Million; one by one construction climax is the base of the completion of the annual production of construction plan and stride on a big step to the overall completion objective.

The old saying goes that steed leap, not ten steps, ten inferior horse riding, Gong-in give up. The credit of acquirement of the achievements is not belonging to a single person and a single thing in a single day, the achievements belong to leaders of 6th Engineering Co.,Ltd strongly supporting and having attached great importance to the project ,belong to absolute sincerity union of the cadre and the staff, belong to the cooperation of the all working people who join in the construction. 

 Make concerted efforts and resolve the crucial problems  

The building and reconstruction of accommodation road Shigatse airport to Shigatse city is one of important programming and developing projects in Tibet Autonomous Region and it is also an important national defense highway in west.  The overall value of the project is CNY 804Million Yuan The construction duration is 15 months. With the negative effects of time limit, heavy task and adverse circumstances , the project department responded actively the call of the Project Headquarters and held labor contest “fight for 40 days” to work by turns to ensure the key points of construction to be finished and strive for the completion objective.  

Challenge nature and conquer all obstacles

The winter was coming and the flora was withered, in Shigatse the content of oxygen was obviously reducing, the staff’s altitude stress is more intense. The freezing wind was sweeping the sands in the sky always give our staff an unexpected visit.  The last ten days of November in Shigatse , temperature difference is almost 30degrees. The adverse natural conditions incessantly ordeal our cadre and staff’s resolution and will. They are man of valor, they are challenging all natural conditions to strive for Shigatse; they are soldiers to conquer all obstacles to hold fast to their working. The construction staff has plenty of fight left in them, with the fearless spirit to sign the praises in snowy plateau. 

Implementing measures and spare no effort to guarantee 

Working team guarantee —— in order to achieve the overall construction objective, the 6th Engineering Co., Ltd has appointed experienced, excellent and physical fitness administrative staff to form a good managing group who led by leaders and all works involved in management, the administrative staff carry out the standardization, routinization and institutionalization of the management to organize and construct the project , the safeguard of working teams is good guarantee to achieve the overall objective.

Rear services guarantee —— in order to let staff feel relaxed in eating, the project department from origin to guarantee the dietary habit and food quality to safeguard staff’s healthy eating .

Construction guarantee—as the temperature is lower and lower additionally the disaster weather such as gale, rain and snow, in order to guarantee the construct smoothly in winter, the project department enacted special project construction program. In time, adopted the warm measures in low-temperature and purchased the thermodetector in 24 hours to survey the temperature to ensure the construction quality. On Dec.2 all “T” beams have finished to hoist in main line.

Technical support —so far, the project department has dozens kinds of equipments and in all about 200sets. On 27, Oct. New Jersey guard has successfully paved in Shigatse which is representing “four new” techniques applied in the new stage at the same time and has initiated new chapter of the New Jersey guard sliding formwork technology used in Tibet. 

Quality guarantee — when the project department arrange the construction plan, they also insist in arranging quality plan. Especially the key working process and important parts must be checked in the site then inspected by oneself, by each other and by inspection team. The particular working process must be monitored and rechecked many times, resolve immediately once find the problems to ensure the objective of achievement of quality control. 

Duty safeguard—in order to ensure the nodes of every working process, the staff of project department has made concerted effort and divided the work explicitly; The sub divisional works has been rational distributions and linking in order. The main line and branch line have been given overall arrangement and kept pace with each other. 

Safe –guarantee —the project department insists in guidelines of “safety first and prevention first, comprehensive management”, strictly put the occupational health and safety into practice, comprehensively reinforce the safety management, enhance the baseline and redline awareness and hold in awe the safety rules and regulations to promote the safety awareness to ensure the successful proceed of construction. 

Thousands times of washing and filtering sand is so laborious, however the wind blowing all sand, the gold is appearing. Rolling and fierce sand could not block the steps of the project department.  Rustling and chilling wind could not knock down our Longjian Staff’s lofty sentiments. Longjian spirit is sparking and achievements in Shigatse are going on and on...... 

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