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Stun Gun For Self Defence

Stun Gun

Life is getting riskier day by day. Barely any day passes, when we don’t hear any untoward incident occurring in our town. One is bound to develop extra conscious and fearful in such a situation. Women and elderly people are the ones who are the most vulnerable to attackers. Realizing that we have brought for the first time in India a science miracle which will give you piece of mind and good night sleep. We are going to introduce it in the market through our dealers of safety stun gun in Delhi . Gradually we will be opening up safety gun shop in India at various locations. You can place your order now by calling us on our toll free numbers. We will be starting free home delivery to our first hundred customers by the end of this month. We are also offering cash discounts to our valued customers at our safety stun gun shop in Gurgaon. All our deals would be billed as single orders and for bulk enquires you may contact us through Email given on our website. For the hassle free booking of safty stun gun in Gurgaon we have started a dedicated helpline number. You can also visit our showroom for a live demo of safety stun gun in Delhi. This device is an electrical device which runs on a battery. Before first use the battery needs charging for two hours. Once its fully charged, it can stay in standby mode for days. Owing to its compact design it can be easily kept in your handbag. One can take it out in no time from handbag and fire it on the attacker. As soon as it comes in contact with the target, it releases a high voltage current to the attacker, who gets a shock and falls to the ground. It takes at least half an hour before the attacker recovers from the paralytic effect and the victim gets a chance to escape. The device once used needs to be charged again before a second use. Since it stuns the target temporarily there is no risk of death or permanent function loss. A word of caution here - please keeps it away from children and don’t try it on your friends. This device comes with one year replacement warranty. In case of need stun gun we are having fully operational repair and service centers all over India.


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Stun Gun For Self Defence